10 Days of Microdosing During the CoVid-19 Pandemic

Psilocybin Trip Report

The covid-19 pandemic hit Canada and I was finding healing by laughing at memes about coronavirus online – of all my reading, training and experience, “LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE” of all. One of my favorite memes read “has anyone just took magic mushrooms and talked to the virus?”, I thought and replied to anonymous author aloud “CHALLEGE ACCEPTED!”.

The week included Day Light Savings Time, the Full Worm Moon, Friday the 13th and the Spring Equinox was coming next. I contemplated, “was someone playing Jumanji? Or was this a synchronicity?”. I decided that this couldn’t have been more of a sign for me to plan my next sacred journey using Psilocybin Mushrooms.

I took the following week to prepare for ceremony, received my home-grown fungi and committed myself to a 10-day microdose journey initiated on the first day of spring. Here is my trip report:

  • Day 1: Prepare my apartment by spring cleaning. Portion out my home-grown mushrooms into ten envelopes. Get super paranoid of co-vid 19 after talking to family and friends. Attend a Board of Directors meeting over Zoom to discuss the Amazon Rainforest Conservancy. Take my first dose around 5pm and fast the rest of the night, drinking only water and practicing Kundalini Yoga. I prayed for the planet and people of earth. I practiced Reiki and washed my body. I slept like a baby, next to my baby.
  • Day 2: I woke up in a terrible mood, really impatient and ready to move. I cried aloud to my step-dad about my fears, pressures, life’s mission, messages from the cosmos and every else under the stars. I felt everything and thought to myself “how can I teach my son emotional intelligence when I can’t even hold myself together?”. The truth is however, that once I allowed myself to feel the feelings, name the feeling and practice introspection, the more aligned I felt to mission and my job as a mother. I went live at noon to open my Seasonal Coaching Circles and knew I was going to be talking to the right people at the right time. At 5pm I took my next dose and went to jump in puddles with Fynn. We fell asleep shortly after returning home.
  • Day 3: Sunday the day of rest, and I felt rested. I was wired… Ready for change and ready to move! There was no way I was staying in the city with my son paranoid of a virus, people, vaccines, martial law and a million other things that were stealing my focus, my life force energy. I post a funny meme to my personal Facebook and get called out hard. I received hundreds of comments – some supportive, some calling me insensitive at best… I don’t give a f*** if I have a lousy sense of humor – I am not for everyone. After some journaling and deep contemplation, I sat with my step-dad and over some herbal tea we questioned our ideal style of living and unschooling Fynn. At 5pm I took my next dose, ate a bunch of popcorn and watched some stand up comedy with my step-dad who I had now been isolated with for 8-days.
  • Day 4: It’s Monday morning and I am back to work, plugged into the computer at 8am and taking coaching calls by 9. Feeling so f***ing grateful for my place in this world, to be my own boss, to be educating my son in a way that’s unique to him. I am blessed. At 5pm I take my next dose and close my eyes. I meditate, I visit my inner worlds and talk with the corona virus about medicine. Images appear that show me what I already knew – mushrooms can save the world.
  • Day 5: I sleep in until 7:30, usually I am up at 5am naturally, guess I needed to rest longer today? At 8am I am on the phone with my accountability partner Victoria. Were kindred, her and I, like a soul sister connected through the internet through synchronicity. We discuss our success, our goals and help each other focus in on our next action steps. At 9:30 I interview Lorenz, a yogi and psychonaut from Germany about how he healed himself using psychedelic mushrooms. After recording we discuss how psychedelics have played a role in how I parent Fynn and I agree to be interviewed for his channel again the following week. I spend the rest of the day unschooling Fynn and at 5pm after he’s fed and content with his papa, I take my next dose. I feel super optimistic about my future and our future as a species.
  • Day 6: Wednesday, my favorite day of the week because I feel like a female Neil DeGrasse Tyson – my Carl Jung is the only Dr. Dan Engle. If you don’t know Dr. Dan, he is the doctor behind Onnit, owner of Full Spectrum Medicine and a High-Level Influencer in the psychedelic world. I have been willing him to be my mentor for 3 years and now a group of us meet to learn from him every Wednesday for sixty-minutes. This Wednesday he shared the awesome news that we would now be meeting for an extra half hour every week, “YES!”. When I got off the call at 6pm I took my dose. I felt grateful, aligned, full of purpose and driven by passion.
  • Day 7: Another awesome day, another awesome mentor. I have been waiting months for this opportunity to be on a Zoom call with Paul Stamets and the team that created the Fantastic Fungi Collection. I cried to my step-dad, sobbed actually – we needed to get to the country asap, we needed to me to close to the medicine now. We found the cabin we would stay until the pandemic was over and I began packing us up and closing down our city apartment. On this day, I also got news that my friend who has been sick was finally called in for CoVid-19 testing and was now sedated in the Intensive Care Unit. He is to date still in the ICU, but also doing better at breathing on his own than any other patients that have tested positive in the area. Bless the staff, bless apple cider vinegar, bless everyone who is affected by this pandemic. At 5pm I take my dose and shortly after join the lively Paul Stamets Zoom Call.
  • Day 8: I awake with a head ache, I rest, I go inward, I breathe… On this day I fast and skip my 8th dose. Instead I cuddle with Fynn and we watch Harry Potter as a family. I don’t often watch TV but when I do, I commit!
  • Day 9: I awake feeling really good and rested. I maintain my fast and take my 8th dose at 8am, starting to eat again at 10am. I finish packing up for the country cabin were moving to and close down our city apartment for the duration of the pandemic. I am in go mode, but also so calm and focused – I am aligned and by noon were ready to hit the highway. We arrive at our country homestead around supper time, unpack the car and explore the land as a family. Fynn adventures, while papa and I discuss how we are going to care for the land, forage and grow food. A mild headache returns around sunset so I give my self a massage with a home-made cream and consume my weight in water before I fall asleep like a baby – we made it!
  • Day 10: Wow the beauty of this place is stunning, the smell of maple brings me back to my childhood and I am inspired to make a video for my friends and family about our move. At 2pm I remember that I still have two doses left, I take one and as Fynn naps I write and then together we adventure outside and clean the log home we moved into. Life is good!
  • Day 11: It’s all happening. I have accepted what has happened, I have adjusted what needs to be adjusted and now more aligned with my purpose then I could have imagined before this journey. As I write this, I see the clock read 5pm and I take my 10th and final dose of psilocybin mushrooms as I listen to my son giggle with his papa. I am so grateful to be Fynn’s mom, grateful for my step-dad that believes in me and helps me everyday to raise a happy, healthy and wealthy human. I am entirely at peace with my new reality, honor my ability to not only ask the universe for something but manifest what I want as well. I am also so grateful to Sociedelic and all you readers that resonate with my story. I love you so much!

These are the lessons I learned from my 10-day sacred journey using psilocybin mushrooms during the CoVid-19 pandemic:

  • Of my 15 years using psilocybin in all different doses, microdosing in the morning I must admit is my preferred method.  
  • Dr. Seuss was and still is so awesome.
  • You are only a victim of CoVid-19 if you refuse to seize the natural opportunity for Elemental Growth.
  • Life is what you make it, so create it to kick-ass.
  • Gratitude is a state of mind that once cultivated will help you to manifest greatness in all areas of your life.
  • Look at what’s working and forget the rest, I couldn’t say it more simply.

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