Getting High Isn’t Just About the Munchies or the Weed Dispensary: Marijuana and Creativity

Seasoned stoners know that weed isn’t just a recreational or medicinal godsend, but actually a way to expand your mind and create in ways you never thought possible. Many of your favorite and some of the most famous artists in history used marijuana and psychedelics to stimulate their creativity for the better. That’s not to say that marijuana should be used every time you’re in a creative rut, but that we should stop looking at weed as just a drug or medicine. It’s a substance that can be used to see the world in a different, more expansive way.

Which Strains Allow for the Most Creativity? 

Not all strains are created the same. Because marijuana use for people aged 21 and older is now legal in 10 U.S. states, as well as in the District of Columbia, the taboo around the drug has been lifted significantly. There’s also a ton more marijuana products available to consumers. Not only can smokers buy marijuana in its natural form, but there are also edibles of all kinds, beverages, tinctures, and new products being developed all the time.

Generally, the best strains that stimulate creativity are composed of Sativa. This is the strain that’s often credited with a “head high,” meaning that the THC is felt more in mind than the body. Hybrids are also a good choice when you want to get some creative tasks done with a little extra oomph. Websites like High THC online can teach you about which strains are best for you. 

Making Sure You’re Still Productive: Getting Over the High Hump 

Getting high is often something smokers do to relax and unwind. This can make for some pretty lazy days. But then, smoking weed isn’t necessarily the lazy person’s drug as it’s been stereotypically deemed. Many people can smoke and get bursts of physical and mental energy just as often as they get the munchies.

Before sinking into the couch for yet another marathon of Seinfeld, think of what you could be doing with your high. Often, time can stretch after smoking weed, and the effect can leave the stoner in a perpetual state of staring into space instead of actually getting stuff done. By staying on your feet or committing to a creative task, you might produce something you wouldn’t have without the high.

What Types of Artist Could Benefit the Most From Smoking?

THC allows for a heightening of the senses, which makes colors seem brighter and moments of touch more intense. For example, writers can credit smoking weed to a greater jump in their imagination, whether that means in their use of language or into the minds of their fictional characters. Visual artists might see their pieces with a new perspective while stoned, when the THC heightens their senses and perceptions of color and light. Performance artists could take the sensual route when it comes to touch and interaction with the audience or their own body.

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