Challenges and Opportunities of Starting a Cannabis Industry Business in 2021

Demand is up, legislation is changing, and online is the new storefront. Make sure your cannabis business is 2021 ready.

Largely thanks to a new relaxed federal stance, and five states adding cannabis referendums to their ballots in 2020, the cannabis business is looking good for 2021. 33 states in total have legalized the plant, with several more well on the way- as well as some incredibly positive congressional support. Which could mean that in a few years, the industry will effectively open the flood gates for entrepreneurs across the US.

So 2020 could reasonably act as a ground floor buy-in for operations in the future. And the internet is how that’s happening. Every facet of cannabis business, from growers, to manufacturers, to distributors- have moved their business online. Particularly as the global pandemic made any other kind of business difficult to engage in safely. With this new push for digital business, marijuana seo services like those offered by the digital marketing agency, Unik SEO, are becoming the gold standard for ensuring e-commerce success in the industry.

Cannabis SEO and a Saturated Market

Cannabusiness saw two distinct opportunities in 2020, that near immediately translated into challenges. With a burgeoning market and more friendly legislation throughout the world- marijuana was in demand. To compound this, many have been struggling with the mental hardships of life in lockdown and have turned to cannabis to help soften their woes. But, with the closures of many brick and mortar businesses- many went online, to help sell their wares in a more COVID responsible fashion.

Including almost all businesses that deal in cannabis products. Whether its recreational, medical, or wellness products- demand for online marijuana and CBD minded goods soared. While most cannabusiness is already online -as it’s still a relatively nascent market- there was an obvious push to find a way to compete with like-minded business in a number of locals. The only solution to this problem? Cannabis SEO.

While retailers may have had their foot in the digital door for years, with more consumers headed to online shops and stores to get ahold of their everyday goods, cannabusiness had to step up their game. Regardless of existing customer loyalty. Searching for innovative solutions to these new obstacles that the virus and subsequent lockdowns have brought.

Larger Recreational Market

Beyond the rush of the e-commerce marketplaces, 2020 also saw many states and countries soften existing legislation on marijuana. With many legalizing it for recreational use. Which did indeed open up the market to many who had historically found themselves in a sticky situation when it came to online distribution. But, with larger markets, higher demand, and more cannabusinesses capable of catering to customers outside of local communities- more did.

Which again, great opportunity for growth, so long as your business has the capabilities to truly tap into market potential. Which is where cannabis SEO companies come into play. As it’s an age restricted substance, few traditional marketing avenues are open to these types of business. Alongside other businesses for “adults only” like gambling or erotica, improving search engine optimization is no simple task.

Many of the major players in digital advertising don’t allow age-restricted products to be openly advertised on their platforms- creating hurdles for these business owners. Most notably- how to get noticed amongst competitors without being able to tap into public ad campaigns.

The Drive for Marijuana SEO Services

Marijuana SEO services use a number of different internet approved tactics to ensure that your business website can stand out from the pack. Including services that help build creative content that is audience relevant, perform better in search engine query results, and on-page optimization to ensure that both your customers, and their search engine of choice, recognizes your website as functional and user friendly.

While there is no “silver bullet” when it comes to great SEO, there are a number of different avenues that can be taken in order to create an overall marketing campaign that works. Which allows businesses to tap in to the projected $30 billion annual market value of cannabis in 2025. Particularly by companies that are familiar with the services that these niche industries require. Helping to retain existing customers and increase reach without subjecting your business to the downfalls associated with inappropriate advertising methods.

While the US market continues to grow and offer better opportunities for each arm of the cannabis industry, it’s unlikely to be too long of a wait for related markets in Europe and elsewhere to follow suit. Which will allow even better SEO potential to growing businesses as the markets become ever more familiar worldwide.

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