CBD oil and Cancer: Ways CBD Help Mitigate the Risk of Cancer

There have been many studies involving the effectiveness of CBD in cancer prevention and treatment.

CBD oil is extracted from the leaves and flowers of the cannabis Sativa plant. While there is a great controversy surrounding the product due to marijuana use, CBD oil does not contain THC thus does not cause a high feeling of intoxication. The oil has been involved in various therapeutic uses from mental to physical. Some of the health benefits include pain relief and heart health. The oil also has neuroprotective effects. 

CBD and cancer 

Cancer is one of the major health challenges in modern society. Cancer generally is the growth and spread of abnormal cell in the body, can be malignant or tumor cells, that can destroy body tissue. 

There have been many studies involving the effectiveness of CBD in cancer prevention and treatment. Ongoing studies focusing on CBD and cancer mainly focus on two key areas: can CBD slow or stop cancer growth? And can CBD reduce some of the symptoms and side effects of cancer and cancer treatments? 

CBD oil as a Preventive treatment 

With cancer cases on the rise, more focus and attention is given to preventing the disease. There is various way of preventing the disease from keeping a healthy diet, exercise and regular self-exams. These preventive techniques lower-key risk factors such as high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and inflammation. 

● Cholesterol 

High cholesterol diets result in obesity posing as a significant risk factor. High-quality CBD oil from trusted vendors like Gethemp helps lower cholesterol levels. A study on mice on CBD and cholesterol metabolism-related genes shows that CBD can regulate cholesterol homeostasis in microglial cells. 

● Blood pressure 

High blood pressure is often a high-risk factor in certain cancer such as colon, oral, and lung cancer. A 2017 study on nine males showed that acute administration of CBD reduces pressure in response to stress and resting blood pressure. CBD is a vasodilator; it causes relaxes the arterial walls, allowing blood to flow with more ease. This lowers the pressure needed for blood circulation. 

● Inflammation 

Over time chronic inflammation can result in cell damage resulting in cancer. Alongside its benefits on skin health, CBD can act as an excellent anti-inflammatory. It reduces inflammatory responses thereby reducing symptoms of diseases causing inflammation

such as arthritis and nervous tissue inflammation. Thus, CBD can be beneficial in preventive cancer treatment affecting chronic inflammations. 

CBD oil as a treatment of cancer side effects 


Loss of appetite is a common effect of cancer treatment. This can result in detrimental complications over time. Intake of CBD results in improved appetite. In addition, its interaction with the endocannabinoid system results in the regulation of vomiting and nausea. 


Chronic pain is a major side effect in cancer treatment. Studies show that topical CBD products have a positive effect on pain management. It is effective in overall pain management from neuropathic to cancer pain. 


Cancer is a complex disease with a wide range of risk factors. Studies show CBD has promising results in mitigating some of the risk factors. Also, CBD can help in cancer treatment side effects. However, experts from Gethemp advise to always go for quality products to ensure better results.

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