Can the Truth and Sovereignty Movements Finally Join Forces?

When we collaborate, we’re strong. When we divide, we’re weak. With so many competing beliefs about what the problems are, as well as how to move forward, the various truth and sovereignty movements are struggling to unite. Therefore, we should make it an imperative to put our superficial differences to the side and work together for our common core cause: freedom.

Humanity is enslaved, whether we individually know it or not. Economically, educationally, psychologically, emotionally, medically, philosophically and spiritually – among many others – we have been hijacked by the corporatization of our world.

In response, there is an explosion of awakenings happening across our planet; some of us are waking up from our slumber and undertaking a process of emancipating our mind and heart from the social engineering that we’ve all been subject to. We definitely need to capitalize on it too. Make no mistake though; all of us still have ways in which we’re a slave to the matrix.

The Divisions

There are two primary areas that the divide and conquer strategy has been particularly effective; our conceptions on the nature of reality and our beliefs around what’s best for our future.

As an example, the way in which we design our social systems as we move forward is a contentiously debated issue, whilst another is the battle that rages on for theological supremacy. Both of these matters are distractions, as their focus is counter-effective for achieving our shared goals.

In terms of our specific ‘beliefs’ about the nature of God, surely we can agree that irrespective if we look at it ecologically, quantum physically or spiritually, we’re all intimately connected within an interdependent dance of life.

In this sense, we can simply choose to unite over our inherent unity.

And in regards to whom or what controls the world, that doesn’t matter either. As long as we accept that the primary mechanisms for control are the money supply and the matrix-media, then we can get on with taking back the power to economize our own societies, as well as disseminate the truth through our own independent mediums.

Another serious division is the way to deal with our encroaching and involuntary enlistment within a global totalitarian order. In response, many people believe that we need to reduce, legitimize and decentralize government and make it accountable to the sovereignty of the people, whilst the anarchist movement is adamant that zero government is the only way to go.

Personally I’m an anarchist at heart, although I see tremendous risk in removing the mechanisms which have the potential to safeguard the rights of the people, as well as the protection of our natural systems. Without an appropriate series of bodies to ensure this, why wouldn’t other monopolies and tyrannical structures continue to manifest?

They would, as they always have.

Plus, we are in a particularly fragile and vulnerable point in human history. With weapons developed that could wipe out a nation or region within minutes, of course there is a need to have appropriate defenses in place on national scales.

Ultimately, until the plethora of cultures on our planet have become enlightened enough to understand that harming others and their mother earth is literally harming themselves, then we need representative organizations on both national and global scales to ensure the safety and well-being of humanity and the environment.

Working within the System

Any bodies sanctioned with such tasks of course need to be transparent, accountable and based in love, truth and justice. This is unfortunately the opposite of what we have today in Western Governments and global organizations. But with the will of the people, it can and will be done.

As a necessary tangent, there is an interpretation of the word ‘Government’ that is floating within alternative media. It says that its etymology defines it as “to control the mind”. But is this actually true? As rebutted in this forum: Etymologically speaking, it might help to frame it as “a group that is of a mind/disposition to govern/lead” rather than “a group that controls minds.

In any case, the shadow-order which controls governments and the corporate media has done a fantastic job of brainwashing the masses into ignorant, apathetic and lazy agents of truth and justice. This is why so many people who are unplugging from the control system are angry that the governments have not done what they were designed to do: to be representative of the needs of the people. Instead, they’re representative of desires of the elite and corporate power structures.

For example, they have allowed our money supply to be taken over by these parasitic puppeteers. Instead of the insane profits – derived from the way money is created in society – being invested in social and environmental projects, they are funneled into the control of these minor few.

Governments of the world should never have allowed this to happen, so any anger towards them is more than justified.

Yet ironically, it’s an authentic governmental structure, not a corporation masquerading as a government, which is going to get us out of this mess. After all, most of the staff are just innocent people like you and me. To begin, politicians and bureaucrats need to be made aware that they’ve sold out against the future of their own nuclear and human families. Laws also need to be immediately realigned according to our fundamental rights.

Ultimately, humanity should no longer be controlled or ruled by anyone or any structure and we need a decentralized system to ensure this.

In the Name of Freedom

True anarchy means ‘no rulers’, not ‘chaos’. The latter is what we’ve been led to believe through the social engineering agenda, yet I’m sure we can all agree that the former is what humanity truly deserves. Yet counter to what many anarchists firmly believe, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it equates to no government; it can also mean that any governing authority is only sanctioned with that authority when its in alignment with the natural rights of all life on earth.

If this is compromised in any way, then the authority that was granted by the people can be immediately retracted and a new set of officials can be voted into those roles. In this system, a no tolerance approach to corruption and collusion should be encoded into its very fabric.

To achieve this, the people need to recognize that the so-called leaders of our world are either ignorant or complicit agents of the elite/corporate agenda and they must be held accountable for their lack of competence and/or corruption. Simply, without this understanding, the world is going to continue its fall into the new dark age of deception, dysfunction, division and disharmony.

An Efficient Path to Freedom

Once again, all we need to do is unite and we could fix this mess almost overnight. There are so many movements that if they all joined forces, we would swiftly deal with the corporatization, authoritarianism and militarization of our world. Examples include:

  • Environmentalists;
  • Libertarians;
  • Anarchists;
  • New Ageists;
  • Alternative Media;
  • Permaculture People;
  • Vegans and Vegetarians;
  • Free Market advocates;
  • Charity workers;
  • Religious Supporters;
  • Etc etc…

If this was to occur, and the masses were made aware of the growing unification of individuals and organizations which vehemently reject the elitist and corporatist takeover of not just our money supply, but our governments and resources too, then the tipping point would occur almost instantly and a peaceful uprising would naturally ensue on a global scale.

Simply, if we can come to the agreement that our freedoms are being stripped from us at an alarming rate, and that we’re destroying our natural systems on an unprecedented scale at the same time, then we have a common platform to team up and collectively deal with the issues that we all face.

Yet this is unlikely to happen because the harsh truth is that very few people have gotten close to the complete picture. Even many within the truth and sovereignty movements lack a holistic understanding. Some just focus on their spiritual ‘high’, others just ‘hate’ on the shadow power brokers and an even greater amount are lost in their own emotional, psychological and philosophical dysfunction.

That leads to another serious divide and conquer strategy that is rarely spoken of: the conflict of the self. Too many individuals are focused on their own baggage made of engineered desires, a disconnection from their external realm and an overwhelming sense of powerlessness.

This has been so effective at stealing their focus that they’ve been unwilling to put their perceived issues to the side, realize that there’s a bigger picture than their own woes and begin a process of giving back to their human family.

These are in effect, the sleeping masses.

Final Thoughts

Predictably, the entitlement culture and misplaced individualism which has been amplified by materialism and consumerism has had a damaging impact on the capacity for humanity to stand up and make use of its collective power. Now, before the anti-collectivists get their knickers in a knot, I should make it super clear that all actions should be based on the sovereignty of individuals. Any group which manifests from this should be a voluntary arrangement and aligned to the simplicity of natural law.

But we are a natural part of a collective, whether we like it or not. That collective is called life on planet earthand we all have a responsibility to contribute to its ongoing survival if we want to ensure our own and our children’s survival too.

Simply, we’re all facing the same chronic toxicity and impeachments on our sovereignty, so regardless of how much we scream “poor me”, if we don’t scream for the “freedom of we”, then we’re not going to get anywhere.

Unquestionably we’ll fail, epically.

Of course we should live a life of self-determination, but if we’re neglecting to consciously and practically join the collective force that we were born into, the inherent damage on our individual freedoms is hypocritically and abundantly clear.

And that’s not the type of abundance we should aim to achieve in our collective future.

Note: For a comprehensive list of progressive policies which speak to all these issues, as well as holistically align with the truth and sovereignty movements, see the impressive policy arsenal of the Australian Sovereignty Party(feel free to join the party no matter where you live in the world, as well as advocate these policies to your own community and political representatives).


Phillip J. Watt lives in Australia. His written work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. Follow him on Facebook or visit his website.

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