Artist’s Giant Foil Bubble Turns The World Into A Psychedelic Wonderland


Tomás Saraceno is a conceptual artist with a life long dream of floating among the clouds. Born an artist and not a pilot, Tomás has used his ability to meld art and architecture in order to bring the beauty of the skies down to the ground.

In this project, titled Poetic Cosmos of the Breath, Tomás and his team inflated a giant and colorful, circular foil bubble to capture the splendor of the rising sun as it looks when it strikes the clouds. Visitors could then walk through the stunning cloud realm and gaze upon the magnificent colors produced by the sun’s rays of light as they combine with the intricate layers of Earth’s atmosphere and reflect off of the shimmering aluminum.


To see more from Tomás: | facebook | | artspace

H/T: ignant