7 Strains In Marijuana That Have Positive Impacts On Holistic Healing You Must Know

The healing provided by cannabis is relatively new to us, but it opened up uncharted medicinal possibilities that no existing drug can ever offer. 

As the laws surrounding marijuana is gradually changing towards legalization, a new type of safe and effective medicine is quickly gaining popularity. This alternative medicine can aid many diseases but is mainly used to alleviate the symptoms of depression and lessen anxiety attacks. If you want to learn more about the effects of cannabis on anxiety and depression, you can visit this site.

Although marijuana is used as a medicine for a very long time (maybe even before the Egyptian Pharaohs), possession and consumption of the plant and its extracts are criminalized in the early 1900s. This prohibition, together with the negative propaganda surrounding it, led to the fear of the population towards the plant and its users. It is considered as a Schedule-1 drug in the United States, the same as heroin and ecstasy. But the tides are now shifting to the other side, and the cannabis plant is making a huge comeback.

Because the bad blood with cannabis is fading, tests are now being conducted, and the results couldn’t be any better for cannabis enthusiasts. The positive effects of the experiments conducted and the lack of evidence on harmful side-effects are good enough for people to switch from pharmacy-bought drugs to a more natural and safer substitute – marijuana.

7 Strains for Healing

Marijuana is mostly consumed for healing purposes. Whether you’re having trouble sleeping, loss of appetite, or want to relax, there are strains perfect for you and here are some examples:

White Berry

White Berry is a strain made for relaxation. It is an excellent strain to smoke at nighttime because it provides a “body high” or the sensation or feeling of the body is very heavy. This “heaviness” of the body is perfect for those who want to sit on the couch and do nothing, and it also relieves muscle spasms.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a prevalent strain. It is widely used in the West Coast and is almost always present in any dispensary. This strain is sativa-dominant, meaning its high is more of a “head high.” A person under the effects of this strain will still be functional but would be experiencing a very profound feeling of euphoria or the “good” feeling. This strain is also believed to help back and stomach pain.

G-13 Haze

This fantastic strain is always a winner in the “Cannabis Cup” by High Times. G-13 Haze is made by cross-pollinating very successful strains, making this strain one of the best. It has a subtly sweet, and spicy flavors to it, and the best part is it is used to treat ADHD and ADD.

Canna Sutra

One of the effects that cannabis has is it can induce sensual thoughts while under its influence. The best strain that displays this effect is the Canna Sutra, whose name is derived from Kama Sutra, an ancient Indian text on sex and sex positions. This strain is a sativa, meaning it gives off a “head high.” It is also believed that consumption of this strain corrects bronchial movement, aiding symptoms of asthma, and other related conditions.

The Nigerian

The Nigerian strain gives off a high that provides a high level of energy to its user. It is highly recommended for those suffering from depression and anxiety. To describe its high, it would start with a little energy boost that will increase gradually, so you have to enjoy and ride the journey.

Cataract Kush

Cataract Kush is an extremely potent strain and is not recommended for beginners. Its effects include reducing chronic pain in any part of the body. Probably the strain to use when you’re hurting. 

Ringo’s Gift

This strain contains a very high amount of CBD, sometimes reaching up to 24 times its THC counterpart! The very potent CBD content is believed to help bones heal faster and decrease the pain from a broken bone. 

The healing provided by cannabis is relatively new to us, but it opened up uncharted medicinal possibilities that no existing drug can ever offer.

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