White Berry: Why New and Seasoned Users Love This Strain?

In 2007, White Berry was first introduced to the cannabis industry and since then, it has been called Blue Widow or Berry White. Also, it was recognized by High Times magazine as among the top 10 strains in the market.

White Berry has a tasty flavor and a buzz, sure you will keep looking for more. It is a very popular crossbred strain that originated from the Netherlands. It is an Indica-rich mixture that is 65/35, and a perfect choice for getting a subtle boost of energy or taking a break from a hard day at work. Anonymous breeders crisscrossed the White Widow and the DJ Short Blueberry to produce this beautiful strain.

One of the best things about White Berry is that it won’t completely stone you, as it only has a moderate amount of THC of 18% and in some cases, it comes closer to 22%, however overall, it’s gentle enough for beginner consumers to enjoy and not worry about the side effects. The nuggets of the strain are pretty, with an accent of blue tone and a thick layer of frosty trichomes coating the little buds. It’s smooth on the nose; it has a powerful and sweet berry scent that transmits over finely to your appetite. There’s a little sourness while smoking, and the woody tones show as you breathe out.

Consumers of White Berry experienced a great mixture of effects since it has the elements of each of its mother strains perfectly. Like numerous hybrids, the Sativa side White Berry provides a boost of mental energy, creativity, and focus. One can feel a subtle and comfortable sense of purpose, instead of feeling like just shaken. As the high continues, the Indica of White Berry show and make a more couch-locked kind of feeling. Those who smoked too much right way will feel a complete body high that makes them nearly ineffective, so it’s highly advised that users must take the White Berry caution.

Also, medical users lean on White Berry, not only for its yummy smell and flavor but since it provides an enjoyable mix of natural stress relief and pain reduction. Even though it’s not as heavy knocking as the other cannabis strain varieties available, the moderate THC amounts of White Berry can treat depression, anxiety, headaches, and stress. If you are considering growing White Berry at your home, you’re lucky because it’s one of the easiest cannabis strains to grow. Even consumers with minor to no experience can plant the strain and after 7 weeks of the maturing cycle, it can be harvested. Those who are considering growing the strain can develop White Berry indoors or outdoors but must use the SOD methods for greater results. 

The trichomes coverage of White Berry is remarkable, making it a perfect choice to produce concentrates and the aroma of white berries is something to enjoy. This cannabis strain is great for morning session if used in smaller amounts, but if you plan to pamper yourself with a higher dose, the Indica effects will be much powerful and may leave you couch lock. White Berry is highly suggested to treat depression, anxiety, and stress.

In 2007, White Berry was first introduced to the cannabis industry and since then, it has been called Blue Widow or Berry White. Also, it was recognized by High Times magazine as among the top 10 strains in the market.


The taste of White Berry is something that this strain can show off. It is packed with the fruity and sweet flavor of blueberry, grape and apple couples with some hint of sourness earth especially when exhaling. The lengthier the strain flames, the more potent this taste gets.


As its name implies, White Berry emits a powerful sweet beery fragrance with traces of sour fruit, particularly when burned. Some users would prefer the aroma to a citrus lemon rather than a sour berry. But nonetheless, they love the fragrance either way.


White Berry is mostly Indica and the sources would tell that it has a proportion of 65 Sativa and 35 Indica amount while some would contend that the variety could consist of as much as 75 percent of Indica. Anyway, the cannabis seems to be a well-proportioned crossbred that provides an enjoyable high to both seasoned and beginner users.

With its highest THC concentration of 18%, White Berry is quite bearable even for the novices. In lower amounts, it provides a quick floating ecstasy that is associated with a delighted and uplifted sensation while increasing the user’s feeling of attention and energizing imaginative thoughts simultaneously.

Despite its somewhat mild strength, it can quickly overpower users with the Indica effects if consumed in higher doses. The variety can send users into a deep state of relief that can result to couchlock if consumers overuse.

Unfavorable Reaction

Even White Berry has a fragrance and tastes like candy, it’s not completely safe. No marijuana strain is. Since one way or another, the variety can trigger a few unfavorable effects.

In this case of White Berry, there’s a higher chance for the user to feel vertigo and cottonmouth while taking the strain. The earlier is likely to happen when consumers overuse. Also, other adverse reactions include mild paranoia, dry eyes, and headaches.

Medical Benefits

By looking at the White Berry CBD level, once can’t anticipate that its 0.23% full CBD amount is enough to offer symptom alleviation. Well, it does seem to go well for some cannabis users.

Because of the increasing high of the White Berry, it’s popular to be an efficient anxiety-reliever and anti-depressant choice for patients experiencing such disorders. Meanwhile, its moderate analgesic elements may offer short-term alleviation for patients who are suffering because of, muscle spasms, headaches and other kinds of minor aches.

Flowering Time


The White Berry indoor cultivation can have a maturing period of 7 weeks irrespective of which growing process the breeder uses. The projected indoor crop is around 14-15oz per sm.


If the strain is planted in the outdoor condition, the White Berry buds may be reaped earlier in October. This kind of agriculture can produce a crop of 17oz per plant.


White Berry has great news for beginner breeders. It may be a good alternative for those potential cultivators with little to no experience in maturing cannabis. The strain may be planted indoor or outdoor and can survive well using the Sea of Green Methods in soil or the hydro medium.

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