Spiritual Techniques To Help Raise Your Level Of Awareness

How does one exactly raise their level of conscious awareness you may ask? Well, consider your conscious as a sort of flame within you. It is but a flicker of light and you wish to hone the ability to make that flicker of light a geyser of flame. How do you do this?

With the help of these seven spiritual techniques, you can harness one of the brightest flames of consciousness that anyone can posses.

1. The Use Of Reason

Frame of Mind series. Composition of human face wire-frame and wave elements to serve as a supporting backdrop for projects on mind, reason, thought, mental powers and mystic consciousness
Frame of Mind series

Without logic or reason, we can find ourselves utterly lost to the world. The more irrational you are, the dimmer the flame becomes.With the use of reason, you can see the various points of views and perspectives that you never knew existed before.Expand your mind with the menagerie of more than one story on a situation.  You’ll learn things you never knew before!


2. The Use Of Knowledge


Knowledge is power and ignorance is the downfall of the mind. Do not shun any different ideas from your mind.

You must fill yourself with every piece of knowledge that you can get your hands on.

Not only will this increase your conscious awareness, but you will have the desire to understand instead of to fear what the unknown holds.

3. The Use Of Attention

Black hole. Illustration of a black hole surrounded by swirling colors. Any object with mass distorts space-time in its locality, a phenomenon we know as gravity. All gravitational fields have an escape velocity (the velocity at which a body must move in

When giving your undivided attention, you allow yourself to focus on the positive and the rational side of things.

When you allow yourself to be distracted, you lose any insight that may have been given to you and will be lost until you decide you need to reinvigorate your mind once more.

Meditation is also a really good way to hone your attention and release yourself from all distractions.

4. The Use Of Compassion


Compassion is a very rare quality in most people it seems like these days. So, supplying your overall compassion is one of the best ways to hone your conscious awareness.

If you have nothing but cruel intentions, you will falter and fail in more ways than one. Cruelty only brings more cruelty back to you.

Exude your compassion and realize that we are all connected whether you like it or not.

5. The Use Of Courage


Allowing yourself to be courageous is one of the most bold aspects about a person that gives them all the conscious awareness one could ever need.

If you cower in the face of adventure, then you will never know the world beyond and it’s many obstacles and wonders.

Let yourself be vulnerable and stand up for yourself, setting foot into the depths of the unknown world around you.

6. The Use Of Desire

When you have a desire for something you so desperately want or need, then summon every ounce of you to complete the goals that will allow you satisfaction. If your apathy hinders your abilities to do so, then your desires will slowly fade away. Control your desires and stop at nothing to achieve your goals.

7. The Use Of Truth


Truth is one of the most liberating aspects of conscious awareness. When we let ourselves be known to the truth, submerge ourselves in truth, we find and learn things about ourselves that we never even knew before.

The truth can be cruel sometimes, however, you must not allow yourself to despair. Only when we allow ourselves to lie or be false with cruel intentions, then the truth will never set you free.

Only by surrendering yourself to the universe and everyone else around you will you find your most ultimate truth as it unravels day by day.

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