5 Signs You’re In A Relationship With An Enlightened Soul

Enlightened souls are hard to come by, but you definitely know one when you meet them. They have this humility, yet an incredible confidence, about them. What are the signs that you’ve fallen in love with an enlightened soul?

1. They ignore the opinions of others.

Enlightened people are always up for a little bit of advice, but they don’t need the opinions of others to shape how they go about their lives. They’re able to forge their own paths without the influence of others.

2. They reconnect with themselves.

This doesn’t necessarily mean spending hours in meditation, but reconnecting in some way or another. This can be going for a hike, having a solitary cup of coffee, or whatever they choose their reconnecting activity to be.

3. They respect everyone.

For enlightened lovers, everyone is shown respect. No one is ever tarnished, gossiped about, or anything like that. All people have a right to be, and the enlightened understand that better than anyone else.

4. They don’t follow the masses.

Even though they respect all life, that doesn’t mean that they follow it. Enlightened souls are sharp and know exactly what they want. They have no problem forging their own path in life.

5. They’re ready for the future.

Whatever it may bring.

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