3 Most Common Ways of Using Marijuana

Cannabis can be consumed in quite a few different ways, and each particular method makes a whole lot of difference to the final effect. Let’s take a closer look at common cannabis consumption methods.

One of the most exciting things about marijuana is the ways it is consumed. The delivery methods are very important to know as each of them gives the user a different experience and provides a unique high. Most users roll marijuana in joints or put it in pipes and water bongs. While some use vaporizers and dabs to avoid inhaling smoke, some mix it in food or edibles.

With each passing day, the ways of consuming marijuana are increasing. But let’s discuss the three most common methods of using marijuana right now.


Smoking marijuana is the most common way of consuming it. There are many ways of smoking marijuana, like joints, bongs, pipes, and blunts. Hand pipes are small portable and simple to use devices which burns the cannabis, and the users inhale the resulting smoke.

a man smoking weed
A man smokes during a 4/20 rally on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, on Thursday, April 20, 2017.

Bongs are like hand pipes except they incorporate the use of water. Water cools down the smoke, which gives a very refreshing high to smokers.

Rolling papers are the oldest method of cannabis consumption. Cannabis is filled into a paper and rolled, the result of which is a cigarette shaped joint. Blunts are cannabis rolled into a cigar containing nicotine. The flavor and texture that the nicotine provides is very unique.

Hookahs are not very famous; however, some users prefer the exotic touch it provides. Cannabis is mixed with tobacco and sandwiched into a dome. In hookahs, the smoke passes through a chamber containing water. Like bongs, Hookah smoke is dense and fresh.


If you’re a cannabis consumer, you might have already heard the word vaping. Vaporizers are becoming a very popular choice among cannabis users because of the discreteness it provides.

Davinci vaporizers - Vaping cannabis gets you significantly higher than smoking it
Davinci vaporizers – Vaping cannabis gets you significantly higher than smoking it

A vaporizer, commonly known as a vape, is a device that makes vapors of marijuana which are inhaled. They come in various shapes and sizes and have three main parts; the battery, chamber, and a mouthpiece.

Most vaporizers look like pens (also called e-cigarettes) and are easier to hide while some modified vaporizers are relatively large. These vaporizers heat your cannabis to such a low temperature that they turn in vapors, which hits consumers with a very hard high.

Vaping is chosen over smoking marijuana because:

  • The vapors it produces are clean and less harmful than smoke produced by smoking.
  • Vaporizers produce less smell than smoking
  • They are small and easy to hide.


Dabbing and vaping marijuana work the same way except for the heating method used. Vaporizers heat cannabis on a hot plate, and this releases a vapor which is inhaled by the users. In dabbing, dab rigs are used to heat marijuana. The main difference between vaporizers and the use of dab rigs is that dab rigs are exclusively utilized for cannabis extracts.

dab rigs

Waxes and shatters are used instead of dry herbs because they vaporize easily and produce a potent vapor. The best quality about dabbing “wax” is that it produces a gargantuan high that consumers receive with just one hit. Therefore, dabbing delivers a far more potent, immediate, and long-lasting high than other ways of consuming cannabis. If you want to read a full guide about dabbing and dab rigs, head over to Grasscity.co.uk where everything related to it is discussed in detail.