Beyond the Joint: The Different Ways to Smoke Weed

Puff, pass, puff! Rolling a joint then smoking it is the most popular way to consume weed. But did you know there are alternatives? Here are the different ways to smoke weed.

In terms of pop culture, there’s a general consensus when it comes to the most popular way to smoke weed: rolling a joint. Joints (or ‘marijuana cigarettes,’ as your grandmother might call them) have always been the go-to method of smoking weed and getting high. 

But it’s not the only way. In fact, it’s far from it. You might be surprised to hear just how many different ways one can smoke weed. Different methods have different advantages and different effects, so it can be worth exploring all of them. 

Want to find a few new ways to get high? Read on, and we’ll walk you through a few different ways to smoke weed that you should definitely know about. 

Smoking and Inhalation

When you’re smoking a joint, you’re technically using the inhalation method of smoking. This might seem obvious: you’re literally inhaling the smoke into your lungs and then releasing. 

But joints aren’t the only way to inhale. How many of these other methods have you tried? 

Hand Pipes and Water Pipes

If there’s a second-most popular method of getting high, it’s probably by using a pipe. Pipes, especially the water pipe known as a bong, have long been celebrated in pop culture. 

Close Up Marijuana Bong
Water Bong

Hand pipes are one of the most common smoking devices used by cannabis lovers and are usually favored for their ease and convenience. They’re simple to use and easy to drop into your bag or pocket. 

Bongs and bubblers are less portable but highly coveted. The use of water in these bongs cools the smoke and provides what is considered a much more enjoyable high for many would-be smokers. 


A method that’s been growing massively in popularity over the past few years? Vaporizing. A vaporizer heats cannabis herbs to a temperature high enough to extract the THC and cannabinoids that one is seeking. 

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer
DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

But the temperature is also low enough that it prevents potentially harmful toxins to be released. This positions vaporizing as a healthy alternative to smoking a joint. You can experience a great high without putting your lungs at risk of contamination. 

Another benefit? Vaporizers greatly reduce the smell associated with smoking weed, which means you can get high much more discreetly than you could with a traditional joint. 

These different ways of smoking can dramatically alter the kind of high you will experience. Of course, the type and strain of weed you choose to smoke can also have a big impact on your high as well.

You should read more about strains to decide which is right for you and which pairs best with your preferred form of smoking. 

Oral Methods Of Getting High 

Some people just don’t like smoking. Maybe it’s the feeling in the lungs, or the practice itself, but put simply: it’s just not some people’s vibe. Luckily for these individuals, there are many other ways to enjoy the effects of cannabis. 

There are many different ways to enjoy cannabis in an oral fashion. 


You might have tried a pot brownie or two in your lifetime, right? These are prime examples of edibles, a form of oral cannabis consumption. Edibles allow THC to interact with the body through the digestive system, providing a much different kind of high than smoking. 

For those who don’t like the taste of marijuana, they can also help the substance to go down much smoother. 


Another form of cannabis consumption that is becoming popular is liquid tinctures. This form of consumption is perfect for those looking for fast-acting effect and maximum dosage control. If you want to make a THC tincture yourself, check out this Zamnesia guide.

The application is simple. You drop a few droplets of liquid cannabis under your tongue, and the THC is absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream. You can begin to feel the anxiety-reducing effects within a few minutes of use. 

Ingestible Oils

Cannabis is also available in a pill form! Ingestible oils allow for the consumable nature of edibles but absorb easier into the digestive system of an individual. Ingestible oils take a little longer to take effect but can help to provide the more desirable effects of cannabis with ease and discretion. 

Topical Methods For Marijuana

Did you know that you can also absorb cannabis through your skin? Topical methods are lesser-known than other forms of cannabis consumption but are still quite popular. 

In this form of consumption, a cannabis product is applied to the skin, usually in the form of some kind of paste. This paste is usually a cannabis extract that has been modified so as to activate the cannabinoids. 

When placed on the skin, cannabinoids are absorbed and can enter the bloodstream in this fashion. Topical methods differ from the other forms of cannabis consumption because they don’t provide the same stimulation and ‘high’ that other forms provide. 

Topical methods are more commonly used to relieve aches, pains, and soreness in the body. They can be used to help provide a feeling of relaxation and comfort. But you can’t truly ‘get high’ by applying topical products to your skin.

Different Ways To Smoke Weed

Marijuana has become more and more popular as legalization has spread around the country. If you’re new to cannabis, you might not be aware of all the different ways to smoke weed. The information above should be a helpful primer and give you a few different methods to try out. 

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