Will Secondhand Weed Smoke Show Up On A Drug Test? The Definitive Answer

Smoking substances like weed also often causes passive smokers to wonder if they can get high off of secondhand weed smoke.

Passive smoking has become a big concern in recent years. There are more than 1 million people who smoke regularly in a public environment and home, and the number is increasing on a daily basis. 

Amongst the number of smokers, the effects of passive smoking are also increasing. Non-smokers are exposed to smoke more often, which causes more than 660,000 people to die every year. 

Many countries have implemented laws that prohibit people from smoking in public places. This is to ensure that non-smokers are not exposed to secondhand smoke and they stay away from any side effects that may come their way. 

A lot of smokers do not take these repercussions into consideration and light their cigarette in an open environment. This creates harmful side effects for people, especially children. In recent times, there are have been laws that have permitted the smoking of substances such as weed. There are places where you can easily be exposed to secondhand smoke caused by smoking weed. However, researchers are still gathering results to draw a conclusive result demonstrating the actual side effects that can be caused by secondhand smoking of substances such as weed. 

Smoking substances like weed also often causes passive smokers to wonder if they can get high off of secondhand weed smoke. Weed has a special scent when it is heated. This is a primary reason why people are easily able to identify if a cigarette has been lit or the smoker is smoking a joint. Since most of the people are not sure of how weed works, this is a primary reason why people believe that inhaling secondhand smoke from a weed may cause them to go dizzy, or feel the buzz. However, no research has backed this claim, and these are still just rumors associated with the usage of weed.

People such as athletes are often worried if any drug usage would show in their drug tests because they were exposed secondhand weed smoke. This may jeopardize their career overall, which is why they try their best to maintain a distance from anyone who smokes a regular cigarette or a joint. What many doctors fail to explain and many people fail to understand is that secondhand smoke be it of cigarette or of weed definitely shows in secondhand weed smoke drug tests. However, the magnitude of a weed smoke consumed secondhand is far lesser in comparison to the smoke inhaled by weed smokers or firsthand smoking, because of which their results would be far less than the requirement to fail a drug test. Some amounts of drug would be shown in the body but the amount would not be equivalent to the requirement to fail a drug test.

Poppy Seed Dilemma

Many non-smokers often wonder why their test results showed a fake positive when they never used the drug in the first place. The answer is very simple and a part of most of our daily diet. 

Similar to other test results, there can be multiple factors that can influence the drug test results to deteriorate and show a false positive. It is recommended that if you are unsure of why the results of the test are unfavorable, you should re-think what you did or eat before the time of the test. It allows you to trace back to the actual reason which may have caused the test results to be affected. Once you are sure of what the reason would have been, try to avoid that and retake the test to ensure that your assumption was correct.

Poppy seeds are famous for being one of the reasons to show a false positive in a test result. According to studies, it was found out that eating raw poppy seeds before a drug test would result in a false positive. However, there is no harm in eating prepared poppy seeds. 

If you’re a frequent consumer of poppy seeds, it is best if you avoid them a day or two before your drug test. Studies have shown that consuming poppy seeds the same day as the test results would like to cause the test to show a positive. However, if you take the test a couple of days after you’ve last consumed the seeds, it would not have any effect on the test results what so ever. It is better to avoid these secondhand weeds. Some people intake them more in winters to keep themselves warm. It is better to use vaporizers for a variety of reasons. To learn more about vaporizers, read more here.


If you’re someone who is exposed to secondhand smoke, it is common for you to believe that you might have absorbed the side effects associated with the smoke. Though the research about secondhand weed smoke side effects is still inconclusive, there are some side effects such as a higher THC level in drug tests is very common. 

Secondhand smokers test results may show increased THC levels, however, if they have only been exposed to the smoke, their results would still be less than the required threshold. If the secondhand smoker is also a habitual poppy seed consumer, their drug test results might indicate a false positive, given that they have taken the test the same day as they have consumed the seed on. 

If you’re not a smoker it is best to keep away from an environment where you can be exposed to secondhand smoke as it can show up on drug tests.

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