What you need to Grow Cannabis Indoors

Do you want to grow cannabis indoors, away from that harsh and cold weather? Great, you’re interested in growing your own cannabis plants for the first time! Cannabis cultivation indoors is highly satisfying. This is a simple beginners guide to growing Marijuana indoors.

First, let’s remove any fear you may have that this is going to be difficult, because  it’s not. All you need is a small discreet space and a little bit of a budget to get started on your indoor pot production.

Grow Equipment – What do you need?

It can be a little bit difficult putting all the pieces together for your first grow room, especially if it is your first time. The most important parts of equipment are the grow tent, lights, and ventilation. Here are a few suggestions that you need to grow cannabis indoors!

Grow Tent

We recommend you getting yourself a decent grow tent. Grow tents come in all shapes and sizes these days. A proper grow tent can help create an ideal indoor growing environment that is easier to control. 

Mars Hydro top-quality 1680D canvas Grow Tent
Mars Hydro

The grow tent keeps the bright light inside, also smell and has reflective insights to direct all light to the plants. The best grow tents conceal the sight and smell of your grow.  They should be made with a high-quality durable material capable of preventing pests and any outside contaminants from getting in. You don’t need to struggle with managing conditions in a room, just purchase a recommended tent that will control your environment.

If you’re looking for the perfect balance between quality and price, then choose MARS Hydro grow tents. Its heavy-duty with 1680D wall and double stitched , metal bars and metal connectors make it super durable, these tents will last you at least a few years, even with heavy use. Customers can see plants of window workshop of the door without affecting it with white light.

Grow Lights

Cannabis loves light and the successful indoor grower tries to deliver as much light as possible.

Using LED lights for indoor cannabis cultivation is a rather new progression in the industry, revolutionizing the way we grow plants, enabling both professionals and enthusiasts to achieve optimal environment efficiency with minimal effort. Modern LED lights use far less electricity, are durable, can keep your grow area temperate, and most importantly they can produce higher yields.

Growers have relied on artificial light sources for indoor farming for decades. Whether you are using soil, aquaponic or a hydroponic system, these light sources all have different levels of effectiveness. Fluorescent, Pressure Sodium, HID, and LEDs are all made to mimic the sun’s rays indoors. In this article we focus on LED grow lights. One of the biggest benefits of going the route of using LED grow lights is their longevity.

If you’re looking for the Best LED Grow Lights and full spectrum grow lights for your grow room, let us help you choose one.

Marshydro Reflector 960W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Hydroponic Indoor Garden and Greenhouse Veg and Bloom Switches Added
Marshydro Reflector 960W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

The Mars Hydro grow lights are ideal for the compact growing environment. The company boasts LED lights and framework that require no external cooling and run 60 percent cooler than comparable HID lights. The design is amazing and despite a small premium over similar LEDs in this price range, the design lifts it over the competition. It boasts a switch to change the light from growth stage to bloom stage.

This product is perfect for a limited space as it has a compact design which maintain high output. Overall, this product is excellent choice for anyone who wants the best quality product and is ready to pay a little bit more than cheap LED grow lights. If you’re completely new to indoor grow lights, you might want to check out this useful information about HPS vs LED lights.

Choosing the best cannabis seeds

For any cannabis cultivator, the best plants start with quality seeds. Choosing the best cannabis seeds can be confusing because there are so many to choose from. When selecting the best marijuana seeds you should know what type of marijuana you wish to grow.

There are many different types of selecting marijuana seeds strains available that suit every toker’s tastes. Be sure to pick a strain that can grow in the climate you’re going to provide it. Weed seeds can be Indica, Sativa, or a hybrid of the two, with the different types affecting the user’s mind and body differently.

Sativa plants grow tall and thin, take longer to mature, and tend to produce bigger yields than Indica plants.  The high is cerebral and energetic. Sativa-dominant seeds will produce tall plants with a substantial yield of premium-quality buds.

Indica plants grow short and bushy, mature earlier than sativas producing sticky and resinous buds.  The buzz is more of a body stone that can lead to couch lock. Indica-dominant seeds will produce more compact plants with a heavy yield of premium-quality buds.

Hybrid seed strains crossed with Ruderalis will produce premium buds on short compact auto-flowering plants that require less maintenance. Hybrids are the most common type, made up of two or more of the above with most hybrid strains having an Indica or Sativa dominance.

Most people grow cannabis indoors with feminized seeds or autoflower seeds.

Feminized seeds grow vegetively for the first few weeks under 18 or 24 hours of daily light. They only start to bloom when daily light is reduced to 12 hours, and take  around 8-9 weeks to bloom.

Autoflower seeds grow from seed to harvest in around 75 days under 20 hours of daily light. Many people find them the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to grow cannabis indoors.

In general, cannabis seeds with indica genetics tend to produce shorter plants, and sativa varieties tend to be slightly taller and can stretch more during bloom.

CBD rich cannabis seeds Produce cannabis that contains 4% CBD (or more) in the dry buds. These are popular with medical growers, the high may not be quite as intense as a typical THC rich variety.

Unfortunately, not every online shop offers high-quality cannabis strains, and, if they do have good stock, the prices can be outrageous. Thankfully Shayana shop provides the best of both worlds.

Start with a list of characteristics and effects you want. Take this as a starting point for brainstorming and researching potential weed seeds.

Carbon Filters and good ventilation

Just like the lighting system or the nutrient solution, a correct ventilation is one of the most important parameters to take into account when growing marijuana indoors. Cannabis needs fresh air to grow properly, because a proper air ventilation allows the plants to perform all the needed gas exchanges . Grow areas that are not well ventilated tent to develop insects like spidermites which will diminish the harvest. How to prevent cannabis smell? The easiest and most efficient way to avoid marijuana smell in indoor growrooms is using active carbon filters.

Carbon Filter

The exhaust fan needs to be strong enough to create a vacuum in the grow space (in a grow tent you’ll see the side bowing in). That means that all the smelly air is getting vented out the tent so fast that the suction prevents any from going back into your room. Even without a carbon filter, if you have good suction you won’t smell anything outside the tent! Get a Carbon Filter on Amazon.com!

Nutrients used for cannabis growing

Growing cannabis indoors will require use and understanding of plant feeds. All the chemical elements plants need to live and flourish are naturally present in water, soil, and air. It is natural to want to add extra nutrients to your plants, with increasingly better mixes and formulas to take the most out of every single plant. There are many nutrient companies, and each one creates multiple types of nutrients with different purposes. Here is more about what types of nutrients you can use for your plants.

For the best results, your cannabis needs the following nutrient ratios:

(N) Nitrogen, (P) Phosphorus and (K) Potassium

Where is this information? Most nutrient bottles display 3 numbers, often called N-P-K, which stands for Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. Also, ensure that you get a set of nutrients that is made for your growing medium. If you’re growing in soil, get nutrients designed for soil. If you’re growing without soil (such as in a soilless medium or in water), you need to make sure you get nutrients designed for hydroponics. Alternative techniques for growing plants such as hydroponics are now becoming popular.

We personally recommend Fox Farm Hydroponic Nutrient Trio with your hydroponic grow, and Biocanna line for your soil grow. This set of nutrients has everything your marijuana needs; you can follow the instructions exactly (that come with the nutrients).

Organic vs Chemical Nutrients? Many growers believe organic-based nutrient systems will create the most fragrant and “smoothest” buds. Some of the best benefits to smell and taste seem to come from using composted soil that’s been amended with nutrients from natural sources. This creates a living soil with colonies of beneficial microorganisms, and is often associated with a bolder taste and smell in buds.

While organic nutrients may increase the smell and taste of buds, chemical nutrients may increase the potency. Chemical nutrients provide nutrients to plants in the most easy-to-absorb forms possible.

Examples of Good Cannabis Nutrients

Here are several examples of trustworthy nutrient brands that work well for growing cannabis.

  • Biocanna– Soil (Fully Organic) – We highly recommend you to use this line.
  • General Hydroponics Flora Trio– Coco Coir & Hydroponics
  • General Organics GO Box– Soil (Fully Organic)
  • Fox Farms Nutrient Trio– Soil & Coco Coir
  • Botanicare– Soil & Hydroponics
  • House & Garden– Soil, Coco Coir & Hydroponics
  • Canna Coco– Coco Coir

Thanks for reading everyone and remember: Grow… And help the world grow, too!

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