What Not To Do When You Visit Las Vegas

Anytime you travel, anywhere in the world, there are things you should do, but there are also things you should not do.

It seems like anything goes when you are out and about in Las Vegas. Lots of things are legal there that are not legal in other parts of the US.

Yet, it is not the Wild West where anything and everything goes. There are still laws that must be followed or your dream trip will turn into a nightmare. After all, the local government is trying hard to make Las Vegas a more family friendly destination.

You’ve likely seen a lot of articles with lists of all the things you must do when visiting Vegas. Well, we think a list of things not to do is just as handy.

In this article, we will go over some potential pitfalls that could trip you up if you didn’t know about them. Read on for the list of things not to do when you’re in Vegas.

Smoke marijuana in public

You may have read that Nevada legalized marijuana in 2016 and are looking forward to visiting the Las Vegas dispensaries. While you have the right to buy marijuana, it doesn’t mean you can smoke up at a casino or while walking the Strip.

Public consumption of marijuana is illegal and can get you in trouble. You’re not even allowed to smoke it in your hotel room. If you are staying at any private residence like at a friend’s house, then you are fine.

Hire a prostitute

Yes, it’s Sin City, but prostitution is still illegal. There are certain cities and towns that allow brothels, but hiring a prostitute off the street or even from a classified ad is illegal.

It is common for police to go undercover and pose as prostitutes to arrest potential john’s so it is best to avoid the temptation. There is a fine of up to $1,000 if you are caught and a possibility of six months in jail.


Yes, they take something like jaywalking seriously in Las Vegas. Always cross at a crosswalk and wait for the signal. Just bolting out into the street will get you fined.

Think about it. There are police everywhere in las Vegas. The chances of you jaywalking without being seen by a cop are very thin. You don’t want to spend money on a jaywalking fine when that money could be used at a gaming table instead.

Use casino ATMs

Understand that you are going to be squeezed for every dollar possible when you are in Vegas and be smart about your money. If you need cash, go to a bank ATM before hitting the casino.

If you use one in the casino, expect to pay up to $8 per transaction on top of what you are already paying in bank fees since you are using an ATM that isn’t from your bank.

If you have a major bank debit card, then the chances of finding an ATM from your bank is very high and you can avoid fees altogether.

Drink from the mini bar

There is the possibility to buy alcohol everywhere in Vegas. There is no reason to drink anything at all from the mini bar in your hotel room. Prepare in advance any drinks you want, including soft drinks and bring it back to your room.

You’ll pay an exorbitant amount even to drink something simple like an orange juice out of the mini bar.

If you are desperate, then expect to pay as much as $8 for a small bottle of water if you do partake from the fridge.

Act drunk and disorderly

Forget what you’ve seen on the movie The Hangover. Police will not tolerate anybody acting the fool while drunk out on the Strip or in your hotel room. Sure, let loose and have some fun, but if you are seen as harassing others, or a risk to destroying some property, then you’re going to have a bad time.

If you end up in a fight or altercation then you’re guaranteed to run afoul of the police so try to avoid any confrontations with others.

Fail to read the fine print

When you are booking your hotel room, make sure you ask and understand if there are any fees that are not included in the room price. There’s something called a daily resort fee that can range anywhere from $20 to $50 or more.

This fee covers the gym, internet access and any other perk that the hotel seemingly offers. Even if you don’t use these amenities, you will be paying for them.

You may or may not be able to wiggle out of these fees, but if you know about them then you can budget accordingly.

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