The Top 3 Weed Items of 2019

The legalization of marijuana in different parts of the world has led to new consumption trends. Find out the top three weed items of 2019 here.

As cannabis becomes legal in more states, it’s popularity continues to climb. Because of this, companies are looking for and finding more ways to reach their customers using cannabis products. Luckily for them, cannabis can enter our systems in many forms.

Cannabis can be consumed through solids and liquids, it can also be absorbed through our skin, and by smoking or vaping as well. With so many cannabis products out there, it’s hard to pinpoint the best ones. However, there are 3 weed items that have topped all others. 

1. Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is so versatile, that it’s become one of the most sought after weed items of 2019. Many products contain cannabis oil and it can also be taken on its own. Many people seek cannabis oil for its amazing benefits without the high effects that THC gives

Learning about cannabis safety, as found in this cannabis guide, is always a top priority before using any cannabis product. 

Cannabis oil is used to treat a variety of issues including anxiety relief, pain relief, nausea relief, and more. A person is able to treat symptoms like these without experiencing psychoactive reactions or a high. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration received a unanimous vote to recommend the approval of pharmaceutical CBD oil

This pharmaceutical CBD oil is mostly used to treat rare forms of epilepsy. The positive benefits of cannabis oil on Epilepsy victims remains one of the biggest reasons for the support of cannabis oil. 

2. Cannabis Treats for Pets

Cannabis treats for pets have also become a popular cannabis product of 2019. More and more pet owners are turning to cannabis treats for relieving their pet’s anxiety, joint pain, epilepsy symptoms, cancer, osteoporosis symptoms, and more. One common question asked about cannabis pet treats is if they’re safe. 

The answer is yes if you’re responsible when giving your pet the treats. Don’t give your pet human cannabis products and avoid treats containing high levels of THC. Stick to pet treats that are made by companies who dedicate their time to creating hemp and CBD treats specifically for pets

As of right now, you can buy cannabis pet treats for your pets, but their vets aren’t legally able to prescribe them to you. But, because of the great benefits of cannabis on pets, there are studies being conducted and bills are being introduced to pass the legalization of prescribing these treats to our pets. 

3. Cannabis Beauty and Skincare Products

As cannabis and CBD products became legal in more and more states, companies looked for ways to promote cannabis products. Because of the anti-inflammatory benefits that cannabis has on our skin, it’s now used in many beauty and skincare products found on local store shelves. Beauty and skincare products infused with cannabis help acne, pain relief, hydration, inflammation, and more.

There are even cannabis bath bombs used for relaxing after a long stressful day. There are plenty of beauty and skincare products containing cannabis available to you.

These top 3 weed items of 2019 are worth knowing about. With all of the benefits that these products offer, it’s time to reap the benefits for yourself! Interested in more cannabis-related topics?

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