The Perfect Combo: The Top Tips for Vaping at Music Festivals

Are you headed to some great music festivals soon? Looking to bring your vape? Read on to learn the top vaping tips for music festivals.

The music scene has banned smoking from most venues, however, there is a loophole. As vaping becomes more popular, venues have welcomed guests to opt-in. But there are often strict rules that limit how people can use them.

If you have the freedom to vape anywhere in a concert or music festival, do so respectfully. You want to avoid being the one person with poor vaping etiquette. Here’s a guide with some vaping tips before you smoke at the next festival!

Be Mindful of People Around You

Have you ever been in a tight crowd and had to smell the reeking odor of smoke blown in your direction? You are not alone. In fact, this is one of the main reasons festivals create designated smoking areas.

Luckily with vaping, you won’t have to hide in a corner to have a smoke. You should still be courteous and not blow smoke around large groups of people. Stepping out of the crowd or smoking in designated areas are easy vape tricks during a festival.

Follow These Easy Vape Tricks

Vaping for beginners includes being as low-key as possible while you vape. Veteran vapers have learned how to smoke around people without some of them noticing.

Here are some easy vape tricks:

You should reduce battery power. Most vape batteries are adjustable. You can scale down the power to downsize the vapor production. This controls how much smoke is coming out and can avoid disturbing others.

Holding in the smoke can help. When you hold the vapor in during inhalation, the smoke is less visible during exhalation. Exhaling through your nose also lessens the amount of smoke. Both are less obvious signs that you are smoking.

You could try to exhale discretely. Instead of freely blowing smoke into the air, blow smoke discretely. Try exhaling into a tissue, napkin or bandana.

Try to increase PG to VG ratio. PG controls the throat hit and VG provides the big vape clouds. Most e-liquids have a 50/50 PG/VG ratio, yet, you can increase the PG to lessen the smoke clouds.

Choose a Pleasant Flavor

Choosing a less intrusive e-liquid or a special flavor are great vaping tips. Look for a lighter blend or a flavor that isn’t too aromatic. These juul compatible pods have a variety of flavors to choose from!

You should buy a flavor that serves as a great in-between. Whether you prefer a tobacco flavor or a kiwi-strawberry blend, choose one that feels good. If your chosen flavor has a strong smell, you can also resort to smoking discretely to mask it.

Invest in Portable Chargers

It could be difficult finding outlets or charging ports during music festivals. Since most are outdoors, having a portable charger is necessary. The last thing you want is for your vape pen to die right when your favorite performer hits the stage.

Stock up on portable chargers and extra batteries to have on hand. Don’t forget to fully charge them before the event! If you luck out and find a charging port, you’ll want your charger on you just in case.

Have a Sturdy Case

If you own any cool vape mods, you want to keep it protected throughout your day. This is especially the case at an outdoor music festival. With so much going on, your vape pen could get tossed and knocked around everywhere.

This is why you should invest in something strong and durable. A case will keep your vape pen modes safe from damage and lower your chances of losing them. If you are investing in a vape mod, be sure to invest in protecting the vape mod too.

Have a Backup Vape Mod

Owning cool vape mods means hanging onto those vape mods forever and ever. It could be the vape mod you’ve invested in decking out. Or it could be the vape mod you’ve spent the most time with or has gotten the most use.

However, music festivals are often crowded and busy. People may want to borrow your favorite vape mod or could accidentally knock it from your hands. Or unfortunately, your cool vape mods could be stolen from you altogether.We advise taking a backup vape mod to protect yourself from disappointment.

Some people avoid bringing valuable, expensive vape mods to music festivals. Others prefer to bring an old vape pen they wouldn’t mind losing. You should take a look at Vladdin Re vapes. The choice is 100 percent yours.

Carry Spare Parts with You

With the unpredictability of festivals, assume that anything fragile can and may break. Some parts of your vape pen modes could also burn out. Even if your pen is brand new, prepare yourself for the unexpected.

Throw a few spare coils or other vape parts in your bag. You could bring extra parts to share with your friends, in case something goes wrong. Everyone has a bad day sometimes, so you could be the hero to turn their misfortune around.

Some Other Vaping Tips

Remember that you are at an outdoor festival but you are not at a smoking festival. Not everyone around you will appreciate clouds of smoke from your vape, so be respectful. And remember that the fewer complaints people have about vaping, the more likely venues will continue allowing guests to vape.

When in enclosed areas, ask staff if you are allowed to smoke before pulling out your vape mod. There may be restrictions in certain areas and it does not hurt to ask. You should also adjust your vape level as common courtesy for being indoors.

Bottom Line

Even if you think you can vape in a venue, always ask first. It’s better to know for sure if you can smoke openly or if you need to be in a designated area.

If you enjoy vaping, having one at a music festival or concert can heighten your enjoyment. Ensure that you and those around you can have a good time without feeling disturbed. So keep these vaping tips in mind and have the best vaping etiquette possible!

And don’t forget to keep reading our blog for more social tips!

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