The Future of Vaporizers: New Things We Can Expect From Vapes

Vaporizers will soon integrate with smart technology, that said, you can expect vaporizers of the future to be fitted with user-friendly controls (and even AI-assisted safeguards) that will make the ideal temperature ridiculously easy to achieve.

The cannabis industry is ever-evolving. Because of constant advancements in technology, cannabis can now be enjoyed in various formats. From capsules and edibles to bongs and tinctures, it’s impossible for the modern connoisseur to run out of options these days.

But hey, we must admit: there’s something about the good old vaporizer that makes it a persistent favorite among legions of recreational and medicinal cannabis users. 

While some may argue that vaporizers are too clunky or old school, we think otherwise! In fact, the mighty vaporizer might just be the future of cannabis consumption.

While modern vaporizers are already pretty impressive, here are some future trends that we can’t wait to see unfold:

Vaporizers will soon integrate with smart technology

Vaporizing, unlike other cannabis consumption methods, can be done with devices that come in all shapes and sizes. There’s the classic desktop vaporizer, which typically works by heating through convection. Desktop vaporizers (and many other classic models) rely on manual controls to function.

But while manually controlling a vaporizer and subsequently discovering the perfect setting is considered an art by many, most of us simply don’t have the time (nor the patience!) to fumble around with different controls.

If this sounds like you, you’ll probably be delighted that users of modern vaporizers can soon expect simplified and high-tech experiences courtesy of smart technology. More and more vaporizers will likely come with integrated mobile apps that will make it easier than ever to adjust the settings and control the features of the device. 

A good example is the user-friendly and portable Crafty+ vaporizer. This vaporizer can be conveniently controlled through a mobile app. In the case of Crafty+, users can customize the device’s temperature with a few taps on their smartphones.

In the future, apps will likely offer more sophisticated adjustments and controls to make sure that your experience satisfies your needs to a T. We can’t wait!

Vaporizers will have even more portable variants 

While desktop vaporizers remain to be the unbeatable choice for many cannabis consumers, the appeal of sleek, portable vaporizers cannot be denied.

Similar to e-cigarettes, portable vapes can be recharged and fit inside your bag or pocket. Quitting smokers can easily adjust to using portable vapes thanks to their sleek, cigarette-like design that is made possible by the best vaporizer companies today.

Similar to how smartphones and tablets are continually becoming slimmer and sleeker with each iteration, you can expect ultra-portable and more ergonomic vaporizers in the future. 

Vaporizers may have more better controls

Vaporizers will also likely improve to make better user experiences possible. Soon, vaporizers will be easier than ever to control, and their temperature settings will be more precise and accurate than ever.

One of the most common issues faced by newbies is the tendency to overheat or burn the contents of their vaporizers due to inexperience. This obviously results in wasted time and effort, not to mention less-than-satisfactory vapor quality.

That said, you can expect vaporizers of the future to be fitted with user-friendly controls (and even AI-assisted safeguards) that will make the ideal temperature ridiculously easy to achieve.

Vaporizers will be more stylish and customizable

Like modern gadgets, vaporizers of the future will be more stylish thanks to competition and creativity.

Modern portable vapes are already more discreet-looking than joints and bongs and feature unique shapes and sizes. Soon, more popular brands will likely begin letting users tweak the design of their vapes. This may pave the way to customized cases that look like they came straight out of a sci-fi film. In the future, vaporizers may also be able to scale in size in real-time to respond to the user’s needs.

There will be more models designed specifically for medicinal use

As cannabis legalization becomes widespread in different countries, in-depth studies on the medical nature of marijuana will be easier to pursue. Since there will be fewer government restrictions to contend with (and added to the fact that cannabis’ user base is always growing), researchers will have more incentive to study the plant and its benefits. 

The health benefits of cannabis already appeals to a lot of users, especially since vaporizing the herb releases cannabinoids that help with different health conditions. These chemicals and their various therapeutic effects will become even more popular worldwide once cannabis becomes fully legalized.

To remain competitive, vaporizer brands will likely focus on designing devices that are optimized for medicinal use. Recreational vaporizers will still be popular, but if you’re vaporizing solely for the health benefits of the vapor, you’ll be pleased to find better models suited to your taste.

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