Crossing CORE E-Rig – The new way to Dab

To Dab or not to Dab… That is the question. The best advice? Give it a try and see for yourself.

Cannabis users have always been an ingenious bunch. Take all the terms we have for Mary Jane, bake, bug out, toke, rip, hit the lettuce, hippie and many more. Over the past few years, with innovations in technology, a new term, “dabbing” has recently grown in popularity as cannabis fans discover its advantages. Dabbing involves vaporizing concentrates of cannabis, so it’s also very different, although it’s similar to smoking the traditional spliff. However, many cannabis users are still not fully educated about the health benefits of these products.

What are the cannabis concentrates?

The cannabis plant has complex compounds. Concentrates are products that have been extracted from the cannabis plant by washing cannabinoid-rich plant material with a solvent (usually butane) to preserve only the most desirable compounds (mainly cannabinoids and terpenes) while eliminating excess plant material and other impurities. Cannabis concentrates are higher in cannabinoids and terpenes than cannabis flowers and can also increase your flower’s potency. 

cannabis concentrates - dabs
Cannabis concentrates.

In cannabis culture, dabbing — also referred to as wax, shatter, amber, honeycomb, or budder, is the act of using dabs—which contains highly-concentrated levels of THC (the psychoactive chemical found in cannabis) through vaporization.

For example, cannabis concentrates can be vaporized using a dab rig or a portable vaporizer. These concentrated extracts can contain other compounds like Delta(9), Cannabinoid(CBD), Cannabichromene(CBC) and many others, beneficial for patients with medical conditions such as PTSD, Cancer, Epilepsy, Depression, Chronic Pain, Weight loss, Appetite Stimulator or Multiple Sclerosis.

Concentrates are safe, yet potent. In comparison to traditional cannabis flowers which have only a concentration of about 10-15% THC, research suggests that dabs can have a THC concentration of 80%. 

People who dab talk about the perceived benefits of this method as creating a more intense high and providing a healthier way to use cannabis than smoking it. In fact, at a minimum, dabs are four times stronger than a joint. Their effects and the rate of absorption in the body occur almost immediately If you’re taking CBD for example to manage pain, stress or other conditions mentioned above, and can last anywhere from 1 to 4 hours, depending on the person. 

How Dabbing Works

Now that you know what cannabis concentrates are, you are probably wondering how to consume them. Cannabis is used in many ways, including smoking, ingesting, vaping and other methods. Dabbing is similar to vaping, the main difference is that dabbing uses only highly-concentrated cannabis extracts. 

Instead of packing flowers into the bowl, you will want to consider dabbing if you are curious about trying a more powerful method. This method of consumption includes the use of a dab rig, which looks similar to a bong. You need a specific setup with the appropriate equipment in order to consume a cannabis concentration safely and effectively.

Dabs are placed on an attached surface called “nail” or “banger” (made from either glass, quartz, ceramic, or titanium) and heated to an extremely high temperature and then inhaled.

Core E-Rig – The new way to Dab

Core E-Rig Electric Dab Vaporizer
Shenzhen Crossing Core E-Rig

It’s true that certain dabbers are entering into a new world defined by portable electronic dabbing devices. If you are open to a new system to get the full dabbing experience, check out the e-rigs, the most recent craze in the vaporizer world.

The Core from Shenzhen Crossing is the latest concentrate all-in-one vaporizer with a built in water pipe designed to simulate a glass rig or quartz banger. There are many things to love about this product. Firstly, it comes with a precisely controlled temperature and is easier and more intuitive to use than the traditional dab rig which requires a number of extra pieces. Second, for previous e-rigs on the market, the isolated airpath has been long requested and the Core delivered.

Benefits of using the Core portable E-rig

  • Eliminates the need for a butane torch
  • Ease of use
  • Potability
  • Cost effective
  • Unique coil design
  • Fast USB-C Charging
  • 4 Preset Heat Levels
  • Haptic Feedback Notification System
  • Excellent battery life
  • Short heat-up time
  • Excellent flavour

It works great and has an amazing amount of accessories. The Core provides very tasty vapor and you never have to worry about butane torches. This device has an impressive heat-up time and includes three different coils out of the box, coming with four heat settings: Red / Blue for Triple Titanium coils and White / Green for the Bucket coils. 

What is in the Box:

  • Core E-rig Vaporizer
  • 1 Quartz bucket coil
  • 1 Titanium bucket coil
  • 1 Glass water bubbler
  • Glass carb cap with tether
  • 5ml silicone storage container
  • 5 x Cotton swabs
  • 2 x Alcohol pads
  • Dab tool
  • Power adapter
  • Spare o-rings
  • Carry case with custom foam
  • User Manual
Core E-Rig accessories
Core E-Rig accessories

The carrying case will protect the glass bubbler just fine and it’s a nice touch by Shenzhen Crossing that they don’t force you to spend extra money for it. The fact that you can charge the Core E-rig externally ensures that you can take it on some prolonged camping trips. Something to look forward to. The powerful 3000 mAh battery is capable of operating for almost two hours which is more than enough time for a vape session on the go.

Core E-Rig
The Core E-Rig carrying case

Final thoughts

This portable E-rig does a great job of emulating the traditional rig and quartz banger setup. The high quality materials and components are vital when creating a vaporizer. The Core’s build quality is top notch and is made from a heavy duty aluminum alloy and thick borosilicate glass along with a silicone sleeve for extra grip. Not many Shenzhen products available on the market are performed as well as the Core. SZ Crossing has been producing devices for some time and the Core is an e-rig that should feature high on anyone’s list who’s planning to move into a concentrate territory. 

To Dab or not to Dab…

That is the question. The best advice? Give it a try and see for yourself. Whichever dab E-rig you decide to go with, choosing your cannabis concentrate will be your next big decision.

You can buy the Core E-Rig from Tvape: USEurope.

Thanks for reading our blog. What are your thoughts on the Shenzhen Crossing Crossing Core product? We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section below.

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