Taking A Selfie Is Officially More Dangerous Than Smoking Weed

The selfie is so popular that they’ve invented a stick that allows you to photograph yourself from slightly further away and look like an enormous tool while you’re at it. A new study suggests selfies are actually somewhat dangerous and are more lethal than cannabis.

Note: no one has ever died of a cannabis overdose.

Analysis done by Mashable took it a step further and compared selfie-related deaths to shark deaths and found that more people died accidentally from taking selfies than died in shark attacks, though the Chicago Tribune noted:

A shark attack is a direct mechanism of death — a thing that produces actual, physical harm. A selfie, on the other hand, is what health statisticians might classify as an ‘underlying mechanism’ or an ‘intermediate mechanism,’ depending on the exact circumstances: a thing that’s involved in, and maybe precipitates, an accident, but doesn’t actually cause any physical harm.”

Selfies aren’t inherently harmful, but neither are a number of other things, like riding a bike without a helmet, until something goes terribly wrong with it. And even marijuana can be deadly, just not directly. Recently a man died because of cannabis because, during a police chase, he swallowed a bag of cannabis and choked to death on the plastic bag.

Which wouldn’t have happened if cannabis was just legal.

As Joe Rogan recently noted in the documentary Culture High: The only way marijuana can kill you is if you take 25 pounds of it and you throw it out of a CIA drug plane and it hits you in the fucking head. That’s how you die from marijuana.”

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