Space Glass: Universes Suspended Inside Beautiful Glass Pendants

Satoshi Tomizu is a Japanese glass artist that uses his talents to create Glass Pendants, astonishing cosmic scenes encased in orbs of glass no larger a human eye. Known as Space Glass, each orb is crafted in breathtaking detail as gold flakes, air bubbles, and a number of other inclusions solidify in the bubble of glass, creating alluring microcosms that can be held in the palm of your hand. Each bauble is blown with a durable glass loop allowing one to wear their personal space-scape around their neck if they wish.

Below is a video of Tomizu’s process in creating his beautiful cosmos orbs, another offering close-up footage of the finished product, and then a photograph collection of just a few of Tomizu’s completed works.


To see more of Tozu’s work, visit: | facebook

H/T: my modern met, bored panda