Cannabis is often consumed for its mental and physical effects, such as heightened mood, relaxation, and an increase in appetite. Possible side-effects include a decrease in short-term memory, dry mouth, impaired motor skills, red eyes, and feelings of paranoia or anxiety. Onset of effects is within minutes when smoked and about 30 minutes when eaten.They last for between two and six hours.

How to grow cannabis

How To Grow Cannabis: Starting Marijuana Seeds

How To Grow Cannabis: Starting Marijuana SeedsThis piece first appeared in Cannabis Now. The 2016 gardening season is booming in North America, and it’s high time...

Cannabis Cures Cancer and The Government Has Known Since 1974

Cannabis Cures Cancer and The Government Has Known Since 1974 Cannabis is labeled by the US Government as a Schedule 1 Narcotic, meaning little to...

What is the rarest weed out there? Top 10 Rarest Weed Strains On Earth

Many of the rarest weed strains have ancient roots, but will they be around for much longer? You'll be lucky if you can get...
How Psychedelics Saved My Life

How Psychedelics Saved My Life

I invite you to take a step back and clear your mind of decades of false propaganda. Governments worldwide lied to us about the medicinal...

These “Dragon Balls” Contain 3,000 Grams of Pure Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is a cannabis based product  obtained by separating the resins from cannabis flowers using a solvent extraction process.As the artist held his orb up...

What are the Cannabis Terpenes?

What Are Cannabis Terpenes And What Do They Do? Scientists are still working on their research in order to understand all the ways Terpenes have...

2 Rare, Heartwarming Video Clips of Terence McKenna Smoking Cannabis

Every once in a while you stumble upon a beautiful artifact in the depths of YouTube, and you’re suddenly overcome with gratitude. “It’s a good...

Have You Heard Of Charas Concentrate? Here’s How You Make It

Charas concentrate, originally discovered in India and the Himalayas, where cannabis plants often grow wild, charas, a special kind of cannabis concentrate, can now...

What happens in the pineal gland when we use cannabis?

What is the pineal gland for? While undoubtedly important, the pineal gland does not possess mystical or supernatural properties, no matter how much some people...

Smoking Weed Make You Better At Video Games

Do you play video games? Do you want to get better? Studies are showing that getting high can help you become better than ever...
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