Pinda Papers – New online Smartshop in Netherlands

Currently it is safe to say that the Netherlands is ‘the’ country of smartshops. You can see them appearing like mushrooms in a field. Which isn’t as odd as it looks, this is because the Dutch laws around many plant based uppers, downers and psycho-actives is a lot less harsh as it is in other places around the world. Which they should appreciate, because their once progressive marijuana laws are now pretty outdated.

What is special about this Online smartshop?

This project is started by two true stoners/psychonauts who claim to have years of experience with psychedelica and other types of drugs. And not only that but the lifestyle too! From playing psytrance DJ sets at big international festivals too decorating the small underground parties in the woods.

Unfortunately you would have to understand the Dutch language to grasp the sense of humour on their website. Because humour combined with facts is their strategy. For example they advertise with quotes such: “Welcome on our grinder page, and no we don’t mean the very nice dating app, but the kind to perfectly crush your weed!

Born on the perfect date.

Imagine, you are starting an online smartshop. What would be the perfect date to start a business in this specific branch? You have probably guessed it by now, but for those who haven’t, it’s 4/20! The national day where we honour the tastiest plant in the world.

Go to Pinda Papers Online Smartshop.

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