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Psychedelic Cathedral Made from 55,000 LED Lights in Belgium

This massive construct, created by Italian light design company Luminarie de Cagna, was truly a spectacle to behold at the second edition of the...
LSD blotter art

LSD blotter art – How illegal drug distribution turned into art

Can illegal drug distribution turn into an artform? Can collecting art get you in jail? And how did a system for labeling illegal substances...

The funniest festival signs!

The funniest festival signs. There are many ways people express themselves in parties and festivals – dance, expreassion, clothes, accessories, and sometimes signs as well.We...
Traditional Slavic Wreaths

Polish Artists Recreate Traditional Slavic Wreaths To Keep Old Traditions Alive

Traditional Slavic Wreaths We’ve recently covered the amazing variety of traditional Ukrainian headdresses, a national tradition being preserved by the young Ukrainian women of today....
Rob Gonsalves

Robert Gonsalves – Surrealist Painter Picks Up Where Dalí Left Off

This article originally appeared on The Creators Project.  Robert Gonsalves is a 55-year-old Canadian of Portuguese descent who paints scenes that fill in the space...

Galaxy Sweets That Are Out Of This World

Galaxy Sweets That Are Out Of This World Outer space is a spectacular place and sweets are pretty stellar too, combine the two and you...
artist gregory klassen furniture

Unique creative sculptures by GREG KLASSEN

Unique creative sculptures by GREG KLASSEN Visual artist Gregory Klaassen crafts tables that mimic the deep ravines and lakes of the great outdoors.Following the natural...
Sacred Geometry

Is Sacred Geometry a Key for Enlightenment?

The Mathematical patterns behind nature and physical objectsWhat patterns do you see in your own life, or in the world that have symmetry and...

Visionary Art and Sacred Geometry

How Visionary Art is a Tool to change ConsciousnessHaving a hard time carving out a moment for daily meditation? No problem! Gazing at Visionary Art...
Uncontacted tribes

Mindblowing Photographs Of The Last Surviving Tribes On Earth

Photographer Jimmy Nelson spent the past three years exploring the most remote places on Earth to capture mindblowing photographs of the last surviving tribes...
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