Neuroscientist Explains How Psychedelics Help You Expand Your Mind

In this interesting talk with neuroscientist, author and philosopher Sam Harris, he fluently shares his thoughts on the scheduled psychoactive substances and their ability expand the brain’s connectivity and introduce the mind to unexplored avenues of thought. Harris feels that, if utilized properly, psychedelic substances are the key to showing people that altered states of consciousness can produce a very different experience of the world we call home. By comparison, other practices that seek to achieve the same end require high levels of dedication and perseverance that many people in today’s society are unable to put forth, whether it be because of emotional/physiological barriers or simply a lack of time.

“They’re sufficiently lumpen and uninquisitive about the nature of their own minds that if you tell them to meditate, if you teach them mindfulness, if you tell them how to follow their breath they will look inside for 30 seconds or 30 minutes and see nothing of interest and walk away feeling that there’s no there there,” says Harris in the video. “Either it doesn’t work for them or that everyone else must be just faking it or there’s – it requires a certain talent and a certain degree of luck, therefore, to have enough concentration to connect with any “spiritual practice” the first time or even the tenth time or even after a year of attempting it because it’s just – these practices are difficult and the conditioning of our minds to just ceaselessly talk is deep.”

He does, however, feel that many individuals are ill informed of the very serious caveats associated with ingesting these substances. Many people have and continue to thoughtlessly ingest and advise others to ingest the powerful and unpredictable substances when the conditions may not be conducive to a positive experience. These substances must be respected and approached intelligently if they are to be recognized as the evolutionary tools that they are. Check out the video below to listen as Sam goes into further detail.

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