Why It Is Imperative That We Tune our Music to 432hz

The standard modern tuning for instruments in most modern cultures is to tune at 440hz, yet recent evidence as well as ancient practices reveal that tuning to this frequency is not actually in resonance with the natural state of health for human beings or the earth and that tuning into this vibration can possibly cause health issues on a variety of levels as well as promoting anti-social behaviors, and most notably contributing to the decreased state of consciousness in humans.

440hz, for example, causes an 8hz dissonance with our natural hearing frequencies.  Our hearing is a result of t complex system within our inner ear, in which the fluid found within the ear rely on the Fibonacci sequence as it moves vibrationally through the seashell like cochlea and harmonizes as an appropriate sound wave registered by the brain.  This keeps us feeling grounded and balanced in our physical bodies, but it is dependent on a sacred geometric form of sound which is thrown off by the tuning of 440hz.

Because our DNA operates, in a sense, based on frequency and sound, being repeatedly subjected to frequencies that are not resonant with the planet or our natural state can actually have a negative impact on the ability of our DNA to properly regulate the activity of our genes. As you can imagine, this has worrisome implications on a lot of levels. You can find more information about 432 Hz tune in this article.

Check out the full story here and tell us what you think in the conversation below.  Do you listen to music tuned to 432hz? Do you think it makes a difference?

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