How To Remain Environmentally Friendly When Growing Cannabis

Growing anything might seem like one of the “greenest” activities a person could engage in, you are growing a plant after all. Here’s the thing though.

With the increase in commercial production due to the changes in legislation in recent years we have seen a huge surge in growing in the USA. When growing either on a small or a large scale then it’s surely in everyone’s interests to grow in an environmentally friendly manner. So here are a few excellent tips and hints that we should all follow to ensure that we are as kind we can be to mother nature in our production. As it’s the right thing to do but also will be a selling point to many customers, there is no excuse for not going green.

Research Where Your Ingredients Come From

What you use in production can make a huge difference to your green credentials. So be careful to look at what goes in, for example, using a good quality, ethically sourced, an organic seed can be much better as these are produced with the planet in mind. Use non-chemical fertilizers and sprays is another way of ensuring that as little man-made substances get into the soil as possible.

Be Careful About Your Waste

In any industry it’s important to minimize waste for environmental reasons, we know that the more waste, especially if it’s not recycled is bad for the environment. If you find systems that minimize waste such as plastic or chemical waste, we could easily replace plastic packaging with so-called bioplastics which are packaging solutions made of products that will naturally degrade but leaving little or no un-green residue on disintegration.

Make Efficiency A Top Priority

Waste doesn’t just need to be thought of in terms of what you throw away, it’s maximizing the yield from what you are producing. Because if you are being inefficient then each time you produce you are having to run a longer process and use more materials which is energy-inefficient as well as cost-effective for you. If you use high-quality equipment from a good supplier, such as nugsmasher then you can ensure this is working for you.

Use Sustainable Growing Methods

As with growing anything you should look to sustainable growing methods. This can be done in a whole range of ways from using renewable energy, such as solar, or if we are looking at soil preservation be sure to make sure that there is no chance of soil erosion which is bad for the environment but makes your land less usable and less profitable. Keeping water use to a minimum is a very real challenge for the next few decades going forward, many parts of the USA could be facing water shortages in the years to come if we don’t start being much more conservative with our water resources.

Choose Your Logistics Partners Wisely

Once everything else is sorted then we need to transport our product to market and for this, we usually need a transport and logistics partner. As with anything else then some firms are good at going green and other not so much. Ask about their use of electric or hybrid vehicles or the use of biofuels. Even if they have speed limiters on their vehicles can help in something like this.

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