Did you know you can experiment with making your own hash, just with a bucket, dry ice and a bubble bag? Of course, you’re going to need some weed too. It’s easy and safe and you can do it at home!

Making your own keef!

Basically, this process involves expediting your process of collecting keef, so that it doesn’t take months to collect a bowl of really strong keef.

All you need is a bubble bag (1 gallon style), an ounce of weed and two or three pounds of dry ice. Don’t forget to wear gloves, because if you touch it with your hands it could be very painful.

All you’re going to do is put the marijuana in the bucket with some dry ice and shake it around. Let it sit, then put the bag over the bucket. Continue to shake vigorously. Then invert the bucket, continue to shake, and keef will fall out of the mesh screen!

Remember, be careful!

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