How Cannabis Can Improve Your Social Life

Cannabis can have a lot of positive effects on your social life.

Cannabis has been used for years to aid in different aspects of your life, whether that be pain management, reduction of anxiety and depression, creativity or just for fun! Here we will be looking at the different ways in which cannabis can improve your social life by reducing social anxiety disorder, appreciating your friends more, improving your social skills and making you feel more confident.

There are many different strains that can improve your social skills, some with more THC which is the psychoactive component responsible for making you ‘high’, or some with more CBD which is the non-psychoactive component that eases your mind. If you’re new to cannabis, we recommend starting off with products that are CBD only or higher in CBD than THC. Below we look at how using cannabis can improve your social life.

Relief From Social Anxiety

Many people show positive results from using cannabis to relieve social anxiety disorder, which is a disorder that affects millions and stops them being able to join crowds of any size due to anxious thoughts. Those who suffer from SAD who take cannabis for have reported that there was a reduction in symptoms that they found unbearable such as agoraphobia, panic attacks, phobias and generalised anxiety disorder.

Makes You Appreciate Those Around You

Taking certain strains of cannabis can help you to appreciate those around you more than if you hadn’t taken it, it can even help you appreciate your surroundings. It can open up your mind to enjoy your company more and have more fun, therefore leading to a better social life.

Aids Social Skills

Cannabis is a great aid in your social skills as it can open your mind up to interesting topics of conversation, helping you to greater connect with those around you. It can make you feel gratitude, curiosity and love that you can share with the people you’re with. If you’re anxious about being with others or experience panic attacks when socialising, cannabis can help to calm you and relieve the panic you feel.

Makes You Feel More Confident

For centuries, cannabis has been used to open minds to new perspectives and allow people to see problems from whole other angles. It helps lower inhibitions and induces relaxation to make the negative emotions that you feel, feel less threatening. Cannabis can increase self-esteem and confidence by reducing negative self-talk and allowing your mind to open and view yourself from a different point of view. Depending on the strain of weed that you take, you can increase cerebral energy allowing you to focus and socialise well whilst your body and negative thoughts relax allowing you to feel more confident.


Cannabis can have a lot of positive effects on your social life by making you feel more confident, reducing social anxiety and just making you have fun! There can be certain side effects with cannabis that can hinder some anxieties, so make sure to start slowly and work your way up to stronger strains.

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