Full Moon In Sagittarius: Considering Our Beliefs And Limitations

We are having a Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 21st/22nd with the Sun in the opposite sign of Gemini. Full Moons represent a culmination of the energies building up from the previous two weeks. Mars will be next to this Full Moon, and for skywatchers this is one of the best times to view Mars as it will be shining at its brightest.

This Moon cycle started with a New Moon in Taurus and we have been experiencing Mercury Retrograde in Taurus since April 28th, which ends less than a day after this Full Moon as Mercury starts moving stationary direct. We have been undergoing a period of reorienting  ourselves around different Taurus associated areas which could include: our values,  our relationship to money and possessions, and/or our relationship with food and sensual pleasures, or even our relationship with the Earth in some way.

With Mercury retrograde combined with Mars retrograde, we have generally been more introspective and introverted compared to how we normally are. For people who are impatient, this has been a time when one would need to have patience.

Full Moon In Sagittarius Conjunct Mars Retrograde

Sagittarius is about our beliefs, our truths, and our quest for truth. It is about our ‘big picture’ perspective and experiential wisdom. This sign is also associated with expansion, travel, publishing, and marketing. The shadow expressions of Sagittarius can manifest as overdoing, overindulging, and excessive optimism, as well being overly opinionated about something (even if you know nothing about it).

sag-tilted-embossed-229x300The Sun is in Gemini, the sign of communication, information, and the intellect. This sign is about facts and knowledge. Gemini also represents two sides of a personality and the shadow expressions of it include gossip, inconsistence, and double-dealing. Considering that Mars retrograde in Sagittarius is aligned with the Full Moon, for some this can be a time of intense emotional energy and anxiousness. In some cases there could be debates and conflicts over beliefs and/or facts. Some people lately have been experiencing a shift in their belief systems or how they assert them.  This Full Moon may also play a role in that process.

Mercury Finishing Retrograde, Jupiter Square Saturn

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and it will be finishing its retrograde less than a day after this Full Moon. During this period, we may gain a new realization or have a circumstance manifest that can help us to proceed in new ways. The experiences of the previous three weeks have led us to this point, and whatever occurs in the days following this Full Moon may help us gain a more ‘defined’ next step in the aftermath of this retrograde period.

full-moon-sag-2016-chart-300x300Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and it has been in Virgo since last August. The planet of expansion in the sign of duties can create an environment where we are overwhelmed with the mundane details and tasks in our day-to-day lives. Since Virgo also rules health, some people have been expanding their health regimens or integrating new ones into their lifestyle.

Jupiter has been squaring Saturn in Sagittarius on and off since last summer, and this will conclude in the week following this Full Moon. For many this has created a situation where we may be overwhelmed with things to do but at the same time have been encountering limiting circumstances in the areas we’d like to expand on. If we have been overspending and/or overindulging, this is the time when we may experience setbacks as a result of this.

Things To Consider During This Period

What has been happening in your life since April 28th in regards to your perspectives or relationship to money, possessions, your values, or self-worth? How would you like to proceed based on this reflection?

What limitations have you been facing since last summer and what do you need to change in your routine and/or belief system in order to expand the way you’d like to? What can you change in your life in order to be more orderly, practical, and efficient?

In what ways can you express your beliefs without sounding too opinionated, aggressive, and/or judgemental? Are your interactions with others suggesting that you are closed minded and/or self-righteous, without giving anything else a chance?


These are some examples of things to reflect on during this period as you proceed forward with any direction, orientation, or new decisions to make. There may also be other things come up to act on in relation to what is written in other parts of this article.

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