Five Things You Might Not Know About CBD

The naturally-occuring chemical in cannabis has been shown to have a bunch of benefits.

Like most people, you’ve probably heard of CBD. But then, did you know that CBD is short for Cannabidiol? Did you also know that there are as much as one hundred and thirteen substances just like it? These substances are called cannabinoids, and they have properties similar to CBD. Keep reading to find out some other things you probably didn’t know about CBD.

1. It’s found in cannabis: Most people know cannabis as the “marijuana plant.” Besides being used in hemp, cannabis’ leaves can also be used in vegetables, juices, as well as for medicinal purposes. CBD and other cannabinoids are responsible for all the functions that cannabis performs. However, some cannabis plants are now bred to have lower levels of cannabinoids because of some United Nations regulations. This is often to reduce the potency of cannabis.

2. A form of CBD occurs naturally in the body: It seems like our bodies were designed to interact with Cannabidiol and other cannabinoids. This is because everyone has an endocannabinoid system, which is basically a network of receptors that allows CBD and other cannabinoids to bind to them. This system is responsible for several processes in the body including pregnancy, pain sensation, mood, and even memory. The discovery of this system finally explains how CBD can react with the body the way it does.

3. It has a variety of benefits: Besides the feeling of getting high, CBD has also been shown to reduce pain in individuals. It does this by acting on the endocannabinoid receptors, as well as interacting with the body’s neurotransmitters.

CBD can also reduce anxiety and depression in people suffering from the disorders, according to research. Scientists believe it does this by stimulating the secretion of serotonin, also known as “the happy hormone.” Serotonin is responsible for elevating mood and social behavior.

One of the most remarkable effects of CBD is in relation to cancer. Research has found out that cancer patients who took CBD had a marked reduction in the growth and spread of the cancer cells in their bodies. It has also been found that CBD can even kill certain kinds of cancer cells.

4. You can get CBD in small chewable pieces: If you go to this link , you can get CBD gummy bears. These delicious gummies contain pure extracts of CBD oil in moderate doses of 30 mg. They are a great way to consume CBD and enjoy its benefit without having to use cannabis or any of its fruit and juice-based derivatives.

Some gummy bears also contain other cannabis extracts like CBG and CBN, which means you get the full package in bite-sized sweets. CBD gummy bears are made by infusing gummy bears with the CBD oil extract.

5. Taking CBD in high doses could be lethal: Even though CBD has several positive effects on the body, it can cause some negative ones as well. When consumed in very high doses, CBD can influence the body’s systems, causing intoxication, drowsiness, and feelings of sedation. In lower doses, however, it has been shown to cause tiredness and loss of appetite in a few individuals. 

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