Drop Acid, Ditch Your Doc, and Solve All Your Problems

Feeling depressed? Mad anxious? Existentially confused? A new study just proved a lil’ LSD is the fix to your problems!

What are you waiting for? Ditch that Prozac and trash those benzos! Screw off Big Pharma! Acid aka LSD aka Lysergic Acid Diethylamide can do more for your mental health than any “medicine” (if you can even call it that) big pharmaceutical companies are pushing on you.

Thankfully it’s the dawn of a new age-the age of utilizing the miraculous  healing benefits of psychedelics. A recent study conducted by Dr. Neiloufar Family from the University of Kaiserslautern studied the effect taking the grooviest of trips has on the brain. He specifically focused on how LSD affects speech and language.

In the doc’s experiment he hooked his participants up with a tab or two and showed them a sequence of pictures which they had to identify.  The results were basically that acidheads suck at accuracy but are great at association.  Neiloufar Family explains:

Results showed that while LSD does not affect reaction times, people under LSD made more mistakes that were similar in meaning to the pictures they saw.

Basically he would show a picture of a car and the participants in their tripping sack-like state would say things like “bus” or “van” instead of car.  The results indicated that the LSD has a very interesting (and useful for physcotherapy) effect on the brain’s semantic networks.  Neuroscience News defined the semantic network as the part of the brain that regulates “how words and concepts are stored in relation to each other.” It’s cool I had no idea what the hell a semantic was either! Essentially things that wouldn’t usually come up in your sober day to day thoughts will wash over you like a tidal wave.

Buddha and Anarchy (my favs) I couldn’t resist! But this blotter art really says it all! |Source: theplaidzebra.com
Buddha and Anarchy (my favs) I couldn’t resist! But this blotter art really says it all! |Source: theplaidzebra.com

The groovy doctor went on to explain:

“These findings are relevant for the renewed exploration of psychedelic psychotherapy, which are being developed for depression and other mental illnesses. The effects of LSD on language can result in a cascade of associations that allow quicker access to far away concepts stored in the mind”.

Right on! While psychedelic psychotherapy faces hoards of resistance and hate from the ignorant, it has the potential to save lives. Being able to safely have a therapist guide you through a psychedelic trip to confront and conquer the darkest of your repressed memories and traumas will be revolutionary in the mental health field. Anxiety, PSTD, depression…the possibilities are endless. Check out this TED talk about the life changing benefits of psychedelic therapy!

Anyone who’s ever turned on, tuned in, and DROPPED out knows that Acid alters your state of consciousness. Is that wall moving or is it just me?!? The thing that rules about the psychedelic experience is that it strips away your ego and forces you to confront the world in a completely new way. Over the course of the trip you rediscover yourself and your world-overcoming obstacles, relearning how to exist, surviving that out-of-body experience and finding your physical self again…you get the picture. We’re all a few tabs away from childlike wonder and self discovery!

Acid helps you see the world and everyone in it in a whole new way! Welcome to the family!
Acid helps you see the world and everyone in it in a whole new way! Welcome to the family!

Medical Press puts these wondrous effects in scientific terms saying that LSD produces “altered states of consciousness. This can lead to a loss of boundaries between the self and the environment.” When you lose the boundaries you’ve used as a crutch for your whole life you’re forced to really see yourself and your existence as it is-sans bias and preconceived notions. A trip is called a trip for a reason. You face your biggest fear, obstacles, and anxieties head on and work through them-with a little help from the ‘cid of course.

Fuck old fashioned stigmas! 70% of Americans take some sort of prescription medication. Yet still you can’t throw a rock without hitting someone with mental health problems. Myself included! I have a slew of issues and diagnoses. Doctors throw medicine at me like candy without actually trying to get to the root of the problem! With psychedelic therapy I would be able to confront what lies in the depths of my soul causing my troubles! This is just the beginning my friends! More and more studies on the power of psychedelic psychotherapy are sure to emerge. We’re all in this trip together, and what a long strange trip it has been!

Psychedelic psychotherapy is the future! Trip on-all the way the awesome mental health!

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