Does Marijuana Have Health Benefits And What Are They

According to the National Institutes of Health, people have used marijuana, or cannabis, to treat their ailments for at least 3,000 years.

Marijuana has a very mixed reputation with many people believing it’s good for their health as it is a naturally grown plant while others believe it is a gateway drug to more stronger and dangerous drugs. But does marijuana have any health benefits and if so what are they? According to Green Health Docs, it can be used as an alternative to traditional painkillers, anti-anxiety medications, antidepressants, and other addictive pharmaceuticals.

Let’s take a look through to discover all the health benefits that smoking marijuana can bring.

While taking prescription medical marijuana is completely legal, it is illegal to buy and use it for non medical purposes. The laws surrounding marijuana are changing all the time though, and it looks highly likely that sometime in the near future it will be legalised. 

In fact in recent years smoking marijuana has become legal in some states in The United States Of America such as in California. However, it is not legal in every state, and in some countries even having small amounts of mariuana on you can end in long convictions and jail time if caught with it, such as in the middle eastern countries where laws are much stricter.

Where Can You Buy Marijuana And Tools?

Gone are the days where you could only purchase marijuana from an illegal source, it is now possible to buy your marijanua from many reputable and legal shops and online websites.

The best place to begin your search would be using google or your favourite search engine like yahoo, to find places that sell marijuana that are either local to you or can deliver to your address.

Be sure that any establishment or website that you use is a legitimate source and can legally sell marijuana to you. To find items like herb grinders or dab rigs then check out as they have a wide range of stock all at reasonable prices.

The Medical Benefits Of Cannabis

There are many different medical benefits to using marijuana and it has been used as a remedy to all sorts of problems for decades.

These can include muscle pain, muscle spasms, nausea, glaucoma, stress, asthma and many other problems that you may encounter. Medical marijuana has been used as a remedy by doctors for a very long time to help people who suffer from various conditions.

There have been many medical studies showing the medical benefits of using cannabis to help certain conditions, and more studies are taking place all the time so we are sure to find out even more of its advantages.

How To Take Cannabis

There are many different forms of cannabis and ways of taking it including smoking the plant, eating it, tablet form, liquid and creams.

The way you take cannabis can change the type of reaction you have to it, which is why certain ways are better for certain conditions.

Smoking the plant can be done either through cigarette form or through vaping as there are now e liquids that can contain marijuana.

Creams are often used to help skin conditions, as it can be applied directly to the problematic area to help speed up the process.

Tablet form is useful for those who do not like the smell of cannabis or who are not smokers as it can be swallowed with tablet form to help it absorb into the body to help with the problem at hand.

Side Effects Of Using Marijuana

Although using cannabis to help with medical problems has many benefits there are also some side effects that you need to be aware of.

Using Marijnaua, particles smoking it, alters the brain reactions as it is chemical which affects the body in different ways. You should never drive or be operating any type of machinery should you be smoking marijuana as it can affect your reaction times, much like alcohol does.

Marijuana can also become addictive, again much like with alcohol or smoking cigarettes, so it’s important to only use it when you medically feel you need to, and also limit how much you use and how often.

Smoking cannabis for long periods of time over many years can alter your brain and you may even start to become paranoid or lose parts of your  memory. This is mainly in extreme cases though when the person has been over using the substance, so again try and limit how much you use.

The Future Of Marijuana

You only need to look back over the last two decades to see how the attitude in the general public has changed towards the use of cannabis. It has become a lot more socially acceptable and as more and more countries and states start to legalise its use it is becoming more likely that it will soon be legal to buy and use in most countries.

Sooner or later governments will start to realise how much money can be made from legalising marijaunna and taxing it, which will then also in turn make it even safer to use and purchase, so this can only be a god thing for the future of marijuana.

More and more studies are taking place all the time to discover the remedies that using marijuana can help with and as we discover more it is likely to become used even more with medical practises.

Interesting Facts About Marijuana

The word marijuana originated from China, many people believe that it originated from Latin America roots which is false. There has been a study that took place with rats that showed female rats reacted differently to male rats when exposed to cannabis. 

In World War Two prisoners were often given marijuana as a tactic to try and get them to open up more about the secrets they may have been withholding from their captures.

A study in 2012 shows that smoking marijuana can actually improve lung capacity for those people who had previously been tobacco smokers, due to the natural remedies found in cannabis.

Marijuna has been anecdotally shown to slow down the growth of cancerous tumours in the brain, breast and lungs.

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