CBD Vape Pens – Why Vaping CBD Oil is a Good Choice

CBD Vape Oil is the preferred method of consuming CBD oil, according to purists and scientific studies alike.

The CBD market in the USA is growing faster than anyone could have predicted, thanks to the many health benefits that are now known to be provided by CBD. What is it all about, and what do you need to know about CBD?

First, CBD stands for cannabidiol; it’s one of more than 100 extracts of the cannabis plant, and has very recently been declared legal for medicinal use across the USA. While it has died down somewhat of late, the growing use of CBD oil – as pain relief or for anxiety, among other uses – brought with it some controversy. This related to the fact it was extracted from cannabis.

As we all know, smoking cannabis gets you ‘high’; however, this part of the experience is nothing to do with CBD. Rather, it is the effect of the psychoactive compound in cannabis, which is known as THC. In CBD oil, THC is either absent or – in some forms – is present only as a trace, so you will not get the high that smoking cannabis straight will give you. In this article we explained the difference between CBD & THC.

So, you’re looking at using CBD, and want to know the best way to take it? Let’s have a look at the main methods.

Ways to Take CBD Oil

There are in fact a number of ways to take CBD, and it depends on how you want to do it, when, and where you happen to be. One method is to use a CBD patch; this is similar to the patches people wear when they are trying to quit smoking. These patches are usually bought as they are discreet, but it should be said that they are perhaps not as effective as other methods.

The second method of using CBD oil is to eat edibles. These take the form of small sweets – gummies as they tend to be known – that are infused with the oil, and you simply eat them as you would a normal sweet. The benefit of this method is that it can be used where the most popular method – vaping, which we will come to in a moment – may not be permitted or socially acceptable. It’s a great way of taking CBD if you get anxious in crowd, however, and many people carry gummies with them for that purpose.

Why Vaping Makes Sense

As we mentioned, using a CBD vape pen to ingest your CBD oil is the best and most popular way, and for many reasons. A vape pen is a very simple device; you simply fill the tank with CBD oil – or some models come with pre-filled cartridges – and switch on, and a heated element vaporises the oil, as it would an e-Liquid. Inhaling it is safe as there is no burning, and it is also the best way to get the full effect.

Look for a vape pen with a good guarantee, decent customer reviews, and don’t buy the cheapest; a quality vape pen will be more cost-effective, last longer and give you a more pleasurable experience. Another option to consider would be investing into a device such as the Volcano Vaporizer. This is slightly more expensive compared to your vape pens, but it does come with its benefits (see more details here).

The fact that CBD is organic means that, if you take it orally, it will be filtered by the liver before it gets into the bloodstream. With a CBD vape pen it goes straight to the lungs and into your bloodstream, so acts quickly and gives you a much bigger ‘hit’.

The only problems with vape pens is that in many places, vaping is not permitted, so it is worth checking the premises you are in before you begin to vape. Also, make sure others in your company are happy with you vaping – although you’ll probably find many will join you in the process!

Look for a vape pen with a good guarantee, decent customer reviews, and don’t buy the cheapest; a quality vape pen will be more cost-effective, last longer and give you a more pleasurable experience.

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