CBD Oils – 5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know

If you want to give CBD oils a try, take a minute to learn these five things you probably didn't know.

CBD oil has been a popular topic for the past couple of years. However, there’s still a lot of confusion surrounding CBD use, legality, and how it affects the body.

If you want to give CBD oils a try, take a minute to learn these five things you probably didn’t know.

CBD Comes From Both Hemp and Marijuana

CBD, AKA cannabidiol, is one of the hundred cannabinoids found in hemp and marijuana. This is where one of the most common misconceptions around CBD comes from, as most people don’t realize that it can be derived from both plants.

In the USA, only CBD derived from hemp is legalized, but it can be extracted from both plants. In other countries where marijuana is legal, it’s not uncommon to find CBD oil derived from that plant instead.

So what’s the difference between hemp and marijuana CBD oil? Generally speaking, CBD derived from hemp has significantly less THC— the cannabidiol that creates a high when using marijuana. For CBD oil to be legal in the USA, it must have less than .03% THC content. It’s harder to control that amount when deriving CBD from a marijuana plant.

The other thing to consider is that growing marijuana is still illegal federally in the USA, thus making it illegal to sell products derived from it. Which isn’t to say that it doesn’t happen. That’s why it’s important to know what you’re looking for and use a trusted supplier.

CBD is a Great Fitness Supplement

One of the surprising areas where CBD oil is making an impact is in the world of fitness. Fitness enthusiasts have discovered that using CBD oil can be used in several ways, including:

  • An alternative to over-the-counter pain killers;
  • A topical application for relieving joint and muscle stiffness (such as The Helping Friendly Salve);
  • Curbing performance anxiety; and
  • Aiding with rest and recovery for muscle regeneration.

CBD oil is an effective natural supplement for athletes and fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life. One important thing to remember for those interested in using CBD for fitness is to be mindful of competitions. Using a CBD oil with a higher THC content might help with sleep and recovery, but could result in a failed drug test for competitive federations and leagues. 

CBD Changes How Your Brain Responds to Serotonin

There’s a misconception that CBD changes serotonin levels in the brain. However, that’s not entirely true. 

CBD doesn’t change serotonin levels, but it does change how your brain responds and processes serotonin. It engages the brain’s receptors in a way that changes how it interacts with the serotonin that’s already in your body. As anxiety and depression are often linked to low serotonin levels, it could be this improved efficiency that makes CBD a common treatment for these ailments.

Cannabis buds

There are also studies about how this interaction with serotonin can be used to treat people with addictions. While there are still a lot of studies to be conducted since CBD was only legalized in 2018, there’s a lot of promising information coming to light.

Queen Victoria Was a CBD Fan

While CBD oil has only been legal for a few years, it’s been used for a long time. Furthermore, it’s been used by some pretty high-profile people throughout history, Queen Victoria being one of the most prevalent. 

Queen Victoria used CBD as a doctor-prescribed treatment for menstrual pain, in the form of a tincture. It’s expected that Her Majesty’s CBD oil was derived from marijuana, but this exciting piece of history became a compelling argument for legalization in the UK. What makes this tidbit more interesting is that Queen Victoria was often viewed as the simple of purity and poise, even being credited with the symbolism of the white wedding dress.

Queen Victoria wasn’t the only famous historical figure to use CBD either, as hemp is one of the oldest crops on earth. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians all took part, using it for pain relief during illness and childbirth.

CBD is Actually Psychoactive

Like the misconception about where CBD is sourced from, most people aren’t aware of the fact that it is a natural psychoactive. A lot of people differentiate THC and CBD by claiming that the former is psychoactive while the latter is not. However, that’s not entirely true.

For something to be defined as psychoactive, it must alter your mental state. THC is known as the psychoactive component of cannabis because it can get you high. However, while CBD can’t get you high, it does alter your mental state to an extent— that’s what makes it so powerful against stress and anxiety. It works with the receptors of your brain to create a calmer reality.

This misconception is tied to negative connotations surrounding the word “psychoactive.” When you get down to it, the caffeine in your coffee is a psychoactive drug that people use to alter their state of mind each day, according to medical terminology.

There are a lot of great reasons to use CBD oil. Do your research and expand your knowledge before choosing a blend that suits your needs.

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