CBD Oil vs Marijuana

In this article, you will get to the several health benefits of CBD oil and marijuana and how they function differently to provide health benefits.

When people talk about marijuana or cannabis, they often think of the recreational pleasure they get after consuming it. That’s the wrong image people has made about cannabidiol oil or marijuana. Apart from the recreational benefits, CBD oil and marijuana also provide health benefits but in a different way.

In this article, you will get to the several health benefits of CBD oil and marijuana and how they function differently to provide health benefits. You can also search for marijuana and cannabidiol information on different health and care websites. From there you will get to know more about it.

Medical Benefits

Both marijuana and CBD oil contains several medical benefits. Marijuana treats diseases like nausea and glaucoma. Its consumption reduces chronic pain and also help in reducing the size of cancer. On the other hand, CBD oil also used in treating nausea and cancer, but it also provides better sleep, protects the skin from various skin diseases, reduces stress and anxiety and improves heart health.


There is a certain risk associated with marijuana inhalation, but the use of CBD oil does not result in any serious issues. Since CBD oil benefits can be enjoyed without smoking, it is safe for children to cure their severe health diseases. For the consumption of marijuana, you will be required a vaporizer to get the health benefits of it, but CBD oil can be directly used.

CBD oil is a pure supplement and can be used via dropper or in the form of capsules and isolated powders. Methods of CBD oil ingestion is more precise and safe than marijuana plant. Marijuana possesses chances of overdosing, but CBD oil does not. It has zero chances of overdosing.


Legality of marijuana and CBD oil varies by state, in some state both marijuana and CBD oil are legal, and in some other states, only one or the other is allowed.

In some states, only marijuana plant is legal for the limited use of it in curing children suffering from epileptic disorders. In other states, marijuana is classified as Schedule I drug and is considered as illegal under federal stipulations.

Psychoactive Properties

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a naturally occurring substance found in marijuana which has psychoactive properties. On the other hand, CBD is a compound found in the plant, which does not possess any psychoactive properties. CBD oil provides the calming effect on the mind and is considered as a good stress reliever.


The cultivation of marijuana is quite risky business as it is illegal in most of the states. Marijuana plant can only be harvested in those states where it has a “broadly legalized” status. Transportation of marijuana between the states is also prohibited.

On the other hand, laws for CBD plant is slightly relaxed. CBD oil is extracted from industrial hemp. The United States is one of those few industrial states, where cultivation of industrial hemp is not legal.

Transportation of CBD oil is allowed between the states. Further, CBD oil uses a sustainable method of extraction and uses a whole plant method. CBD uses leaves, stems and other parts of the plant for the oil extraction and leaves a minimum amount of waste.


If we compare CBD oil with marijuana, then CBD oil is mostly safe and have more health benefits than marijuana plant. CBD oil has minimum negative side effects and is easy to apply to get therapeutic benefits. CBD oil is a more popular choice than a marijuana plant for those who are looking for an alternative to prescribed synthetic medication. It’s beneficial in treating severe diseases like cancer and epileptic disorders.

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