CBD Dosing: A Guide on How Much You Should Be Taking

It can be very beneficial to take CBD, but you must have the right amount. Check out this CBD dosing guide to help you know how much to take.

CBD oil has been a monumental push in the past few years, with many people hyping up its use for a wide host of things. While it is true that CBD oil can have positive effects for all sorts of items, from anxiety to muscle pain, you need to understand how to use it.

Today we will go over CBD dosing and how to administer CBD oil in a healthy way so you can see results. Curious on how to get started? Keep following along. 

Your Guide to CBD Dosing

When it comes to using CBD oil, there are a few factors you need to keep in mind.

CBD oil is a filtered product of the cannabis plant. It has all of the psychoactive drug elements removed from it, making it safe to ingest at any given time.

CBD oil has a lot of major benefits and athletes use CBD oil to treat physical injuries. Some doctors use it to treat stress and anxiety.

No matter what you may use CBD oil for, you need to understanding that CBD dosing is not a universal measurement. There are several factors that you need to calculate before taking any amount of CBD oil.

Factors for Dosing

There are major factors that can affect what CBD oil can do for you, how much you should take, and how often.

These factors are the concentration of the CBD oil, your body weight, your desired effects, and how much of a tolerance you may have to CBD oil.

1. Concentration

The concentration of a CBD oil product is often measured in milligrams. This is the amount of CBD oil that is within the entire product.

Most products will label the total concentration of the product. This is different from how much CBD oil is in a single dose.

For example, a single bottle can have 1500 milligrams of CBD oil, but with 30 servings of 1 milliliter means you only have a 50-milligram concentration per dose.

The concentration of your dosing will need measuring against the other factors. If you need more CBD, it is better to find higher concentration products than to take more oil. 

2. Body Weight

Bodyweight is a major factor for dosing. The same way your body weight can affect alcohol tolerance or other drug effects, it will affect CBD oil.

On loose terms, the higher a person’s body weight and BMI are, the more doses and concentration they might need. 

3. Desired Effects

Understanding the effect you want out of CBD oil will help you gauge your frequency of dosing, as well as the needed concentration. 

For minor and infrequent uses, small doses of low concentration may be enough. For those experiencing chronic and drastic pain, you may need higher doses and concentrations. 

4. Tolerance

As your use of CBD oil, or any similar substance, increases, so will your tolerance.

As your tolerance grows, the dosage you used prior will not work to the same effect. As such, you will need to increase the dosage. 

Be very careful as your dosage need increases. If the rate is too rapid or you increase too soon, you may experience a variety of ill effects. Check with your doctor if you have any concerns.

Getting Into CBD

Understanding the factors of dosing is a starting, but to get a real feel for CBD oil, you need to dive deep into the details.

For more information on how to dose in a proper way, follow this link on how much to take and what other details to keep an eye out for.

There is a lot to understand about CBD dosing. The importance is to keep yourself informed and up to date on all aspects of CBD oil and related products.

Here at Sociedelic we make sure to keep a wellspring of information on CBD oil, other marijuana products, and all the culture surrounding it. Take a look around!

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