Can Smoking Marijuana Improve Sex?

They say that everything is better when you are high.

Marijuana is one of the most widely used drugs in the world currently. Owing to the so many medical benefits which it has, the sales figure continues to boost despite criticism and warnings. Sex life is a very important part of a person’s life. Having good sex is what everyone craves for.

However, you should also take the reverse situation in perspective. Imagine if you weren’t able to get a satisfying orgasm during sex, what would it be like? Don’t worry; keep reading to know the effect of marijuana on sex and lovemaking.

How often do people have sex?

Well, there isn’t any perfect number for the number of times couples have sex. However, in a survey conducted in 2017, it was concluded that couples have sex for around 54 times a year. This means that the average couple has sex at least once a week. These figures have been questioned time and again. One can also conclude that the number could be more.

Since marijuana has healing capabilities to cure stress and depression, this means that couples will have a very good sexual intercourse after having it.

What did the survey say?

By research that was conducted by experts, women were asked about their sex life after the intake of marijuana. Most women who took marijuana responded favorably by saying that it did give satisfying orgasm and improved their love life.

Many women experience multiple issues such as chronic pain during sex, improper lubrication and not being able to give an orgasm. The survey deduced that 68.5% of women who used marijuana before sex had satisfying bedroom activity.

There is still no clarity as to how marijuana improves the sexual life of a woman in bed. However, since marijuana does reduce stress and anxiety, this means that a person’s confidence to do something will much likely boost.

Many women have a very difficult time giving an orgasm; however, with the use of marijuana, that issue can be solved.

How much has marijuana smoking increased?

Marijuana intake has increased rampantly down the years. With its legalization in more states, the drug continues to thrive in its usage. However, a major issue of young adults consuming the drug poses a big challenge. Men are more likely to use the drug than women.

Women use marijuana for their reasons. If you are reading this as a woman and want to make your sexual experience great, then it is imperative that you use proper smoking methods to prevent any damage to your lungs. You can consult UK headshop Grasscity to get a suitable smoking accessory to uplift your marijuana smoking experience.


Lastly, marijuana has successfully carved a very secure place for itself in the medical industry. Its jaw-dropping benefits and exciting merits give the drug enough respect in front of people. With legalization in more states in the coming years, this drug will surely be able to treat many other illnesses too. However, it is always suggested to take the drug with a doctor’s suggestion and prescription.

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