A Cannabis Conversation With Terence McKenna

In this gripping short-film, A Cannabis Conversation, some of the most profound and eye-opening words of Terence McKenna on the topic of cannabis use has been compiled to frame his invaluable, experienced-based insight. He speaks from the heart as he explains, in detail, how his extensive cannabis experimentation had benefit him psychologically, creatively, morally, and much more.

“The important thing about cannabis is its consciousness-altering effect, and I think the Establishment is perfectly aware that that’s the issue. They’re keeping cannabis illegal because it causes people to question the social values that they’re being programmed with.”

“If i don’t smoke cannabis, all of the anxieties of the petty bourgeois pour in to claim my attention. If, on the other hand, I avail myself of cannabis, I’m able to rove and scan through a vast intellectual world that is composed of all the books I have ever read, all the people I have ever know, all the places I have ever been in no particular order.”

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