8 Things You Need to Know Before Growing Marijuana

Growing weed is exciting. Below are 8 things to know before you start growing your own weed to ensure you get the best possible results come harvest time.

If you’re thinking of entering the marijuana business, one of the most important things to do is learn how to grow it. The effort you put in will determine not only the quality of your harvest but also the size of the yield.

To get started, you want to do some research first. From buying the right equipment to learning about common issues that may arise, you can’t merely throw some cannabis seeds in a pot and hope for the best.

Below, we are going to talk about eight things you need to know before growing marijuana.

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Start small

There’s nothing wrong with having plans to run a huge company, but when it comes to a marijuana business, it can be wise to start things slowly. This is a product where quality matters, so rushing things or using incorrect methods is only going to damage your reputation and make it harder to move forward. Once you learned the basics, then you can keep pushing yourself until you have reached your desired goal. Remember, take one step at a time. It really will make a difference.

Choose a strain that suits your needs

Every cannabis strain is different, so it’s essential to choose one that suits your needs before starting your business. You’ll need to think about what smell/taste you desire, the buds’ appearance, and the levels of CBD and THC. Look into the differences between Sativa and Indica strains as they have different flowering times and crop yields. While more unique types can earn more money, they may require more maintenance, which means more expenditure.

Create the right conditions          

Growing marijuana is kind of like an art form. You need to have the best conditions possible, in order to get excellent quality. When setting up your room, one of the most important things is lighting. MH/HPS grow lights are the most popular for indoor growers as they are easy to use, but there are other options such as LED and CFL.

Alongside this, you also need to consider what you are going to plant in. Things like these Athens flower pots probably aren’t going to cut it! Grow tents and grow boxes are the best option for quality buds.

Pick the right nutrients and supplements

You might be tempted to pump your soil with as many nutrients and supplements as you can, but the fact is, a lot of them are a waste of money and can actually cause further problems. It’s better to stick to a very simple nutrient system all made by one company to get the most benefits. Remember, you don’t need to overdo it. Using a lot of product is not going to improve the quality further.

Learn what the common issues are to prevent them early on

One of the most common issues that many people face when growing cannabis is not having enough ventilation. Without fresh air, your plants can be prone to heat stress, nutrient burn, and even lose their potency. Alongside this, pests are often more attracted to humid environments, and they can destroy everything. Check out common marijuana leaf problems for more information if you are experiencing issues.

Don’t harvest too early

When you first start growing crops, it can be tempting to harvest as soon as you see buds. However, it’s crucial to wait until the right time. Doing it too soon will impact potency and flavor, so wait a few extra days until everything is perfect. If you’re not sure when the best time to harvest is, keep an eye on the resin development. Once you learn how to identify the trichomes, you’ll be an expert in no time.

Take notes and pictures along the way

Everyone has to learn somehow, so whether you’re growing your first batch or your tenth, take notes and pictures every step of the way. Not only will this help you grow your experience, but you’ll be able to notice when something is going wrong and fix it as soon as possible. It’s really one of the best ways to become a top cannabis producer.

Don’t worry if you make mistakes

Lastly, it’s important to remember that everyone makes mistakes. The more your practice and learn, the easier it will become, so don’t be disheartened. Every error will help you become better. 

You can even determine exactly what growing methods you prefer, whether that be setting up a greenhouse or simply using the great outdoors. 

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