7 Unknown Benefits Of CBD Oil In Your Daily Life

Chances are that you have probably heard of the medicinal properties of marijuana or cannabis as it is known. Medicinal cannabis oil is high in the cannabinoid THC and though it serves many medical purposes, it also alters consciousness. Not to mention, it is also not legal in all fifty states. So, how do you get the benefits of cannabis oil without the THC?

Hemp Oil

7 Unknown Benefits Of CBD Oil In Your Daily Life

This is when you can turn to all-natural hemp oil. Unlike the medical cannabis oils, hemp does not contain THC and the legal cannabinoid CBD is the main one found in this oil. CBD oil has also demonstrated many of the effects of cannabis oil on health and the potential to treat many medical disorders. Best of all, it is legal in all fifty states and it does not get you high.

There are more than a few benefits of CBD oil over cannabis oil and CBD proves to be better in many respects. You will find more info online than you will find anywhere else. You will also find great sources of quality CBD oil to buy. The uses that many people do not know about are more than what follows.


  1. Addiction Recovery: CBD has been used in trials to help people quit smoking. One study showed a 40% reduction in the amount of cigarettes smoked in a day. The effects of CBD on other addictions are unclear at this point, but it is probable that CBD would be beneficial for addictions overall.
  2. Acne Relief: According to recent research published by the National Institute of Health show that CBD can control acne. It works with topical application and helps the pores of the skin to have the proper balance of oils for clear skin.
  3. Diabetes: Mysteriously but surely, CBD has an action for helping with diabetes. It blocks the production of a certain cytokine that perpetuates diabetes. This helps to prevent autoimmune disease development and lessen spikes in blood sugar. Additionally, CBD reduces inflammation caused by diabetes related health problems.
  4. Pain Relief: This benefit is actually well known, but would it surprise you if you learned that CBD oil can be as effective as codeine for pain? It works better than narcotics and does not cause an addictive high.
  5. Fibromyalgia: This condition is real and very painful. The pain from fibromyalgia can become so severe that it is disabling. Studies have shown that patients respond well to CBD for pain and other symptoms.
  6. PTSD: There are very few effective treatments for post traumatic stress disorder. This is with standard prescriptions, not natural products. People who have PTSD report that CBD helps their symptoms and improved sleep.
  7. Schizophrenia: Numerous studies have been performed for the effect of CBD on schizophrenia. It has been proven effective in many cases and is now being studied as a medical treatment.

It is easy to see the broad benefits of CBD oil. It appears to work for almost anything. Learn as much as you can to learn more. If you didn’t know already, CBD doesn’t just come in oil form – other popular uses include vaping, topicals and even edibles. One of our favorites is vaping CBD, due to the high bioavailability. To read more, check out this Vaping CBD guide.

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