6 Exciting Trends in Cannabis Research in 2019

The cannabis industry is fast-evolving! Stay up to date and check out some exciting trends in cannabis research.

More than 183 million people in the world use a product of cannabis. With the increased usage of the plant each year, cannabis research is important. Cannabis research in 2019 has revealed some trends in the industry, which signify its continued growth.

The popularity of cannabis is because of its legalization in most states. Besides, the plant has its medicinal benefits that have prompted increased research. Reputable organizations in the US have been funding studies on cannabis to discover more of its therapeutic use.

In 2019, cannabis research has focused on its potential benefits. Its use cuts across generations. Research on this plant is likely to become intensive in the future.

More findings in 2019 are revealing the unique ability of cannabis to address several conditions. CBD oil, for instance, has the potential to help with stress and anxiety. Here are 6 exciting trends in recent cannabis research.

1. The Health Benefits of Cannabis

The use of cannabis in the health industry is not something new. However, new cannabis trends show the expansive use of this drug to alleviate some conditions. Its medicinal has been on the rise in many states.

Research shows that cannabis sativa can complement opioids for pain relief. When used with opioids, cannabis produces synergistic effects and decreases an overdose of opioids. Simply put, patients using opioids to manage pain can opt to include cannabis in their treatment plan to reduce the dose.

Interestingly, the states that have legalized marijuana have fewer incidences of opioids use and overdose. In fact, prescriptions for opioids on Medicare Part D decreased in some of these states. The evidence on the increasing use of cannabis to relief pain shows the credibility of rising research on the medicinal use of marijuana.

Cancer patients depending on long-term use of opioids can benefit greatly from the research. However, a doctor’s prescription is vital when using medicinal marijuana.

Another exciting development in the medical use of cannabis is its ability to curb the development of schizophrenia. Info on cannabis and its effect on schizophrenia points to the use of CBD oil to manage the condition. This component alleviates some symptoms experienced by schizophrenic patients.

2. Cannabis as an Anti-Depressant

Do you ever feel physically and psychologically stressed? Well, you are not alone. A recent survey reveals that a big percentage of Americans are struggling with depression.

Most of these depressed Americans end up using anti-depressants as a way of dealing with the recurrent states of depression. One out of ten Americans uses prescription anti-depressant medicines. Cannabis has some historic function as an anti-depressant.

The Indian community provides an example of how cannabis remains an untapped anti-depressant for years. Cannabis can make you feel a sense of relaxation and ease the level of mental stress. Most users of cannabis products note that they will make them happier.

These reactions in the case of Cannabis indicate an important anti-depressant element in the drug. More people seem to be warming up to the idea of using cannabis as an antidepressant. You will admit that many people currently use cannabis to deal with stress and depression.

3. What About CBD?

CBD is one of the components of cannabis that has gained massive attention. CBD, in full cannabinoid, is not psychoactive. Research on the component has revealed intriguing results on its medicinal purpose.

cannabis leaf and a bottle with CBD oil

While it comes from the cannabis plant, the product is not intoxicating. CBD controls epileptic seizures, treat addictions, mental illnesses, and pain. Researchers are constantly studying these health benefits of CBD.

Some FDA-approved drugs contain CBD. One of the drugs is a liquid medication treating Dravet syndrome and severe childhood epilepsy. The pharmaceutical industry is continuing to study the usefulness of CBD as an additive to some drugs.

The use of CBD oil has also been on the rise.

4. Increased Use of Recreational Marijuana

Increased use of recreational marijuana has caused a spark of conversation about its legalization. Most of the ongoing discourse about legalizing Marijuana is a culmination of a long debate for the legalization of the drug. The users of pot argue the drug has minimal side effects.

Today, cannabis is the most prevalent drug in the United States. The reality is that most of these users are youths below the age of 18 years. Students in the United States are more likely to abuse marijuana than any other drug.

If you pay attention to social trends, you will realize that the use of cannabis is increasing by the day. The level of calls among ordinary individuals to legalize the use of marijuana serves to show the growing popularity.

With this trend, marijuana enthusiasts have something to smile about.

5. The Declining Prices

The price for many cannabis products is continually inching down for various reasons. The first one is to drive the new consumer products released. As more research goes into cannabis products such as CBD oil, hemp oil, and various pharmaceutical products, there is a growing need to introduce the products to the consumers.

The cannabis products whose prices are on the decline include concentrates, edibles, and vapes. Consumers are also looking into the use of CBD oil for skin care, causing the producers to give consumers friendly prices. 

6. Ageing Consumers

Previously, cannabis products, particularly pot were more popular with younger college going students. Today, the consumers are older, and older generations such as baby boomers are increasingly using the products.

Because of the use of CBD oil and hemp oil, and their lack or minimal THC, older generations are now getting comfortable with cannabis products.

Cannabis Research in 2019 Is Mostly Focusing on Its Medicinal Value

With the growing debates on the legalization of marijuana, researchers are seeking to show the beneficial side of the cannabis plant. The use of cannabis for various conditions is increasing. With the legalization of recreational marijuana in some states, and the medical research going into CBD oil, cannabis research is definitely on the rise.

The trends will continue to change.

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