5 Product Packaging Tips for Cannabis Dispensary Startups

Whether your cannabis business is just getting started or has a small dedicated customer base, the product packaging you choose is critical to creating and preserving your brand. The package is the first thing a potential consumer sees, and it sets the tone for the entire process. While the main purpose of product packaging is to confine, preserve, and promote your items, it also represents your business to the public. The container is, in many ways, the product. You’ll have a better chance of succeeding if you can find a packaging supplier such as KYND that specializes in cannabis packaging for your cannabis items.

Use Quality Packaging Materials

When packaging your cannabis strains, edibles, or oils, you should utilize the highest quality packaging and, whenever possible, eco-friendly packaging. Customers are more likely to purchase if the packaging is environmentally friendly (made of wood, glass, or recycled cardboard, for example). The following are some of the most popular sustainable packaging materials, glass is one of the most straightforward materials to recycle, and it has the added benefit of being reusable. HDPE (high-density polythene plastic): BPA-free, doesn’t leach toxins into the earth, and most recycling facilities accept it.

Unique, Striking Branding

You must first understand your target market, potential clients, and the experience you want to promote before you can build packaging solutions for your cannabis goods. A unique approach to stand out on the shelf is to have well-designed branding. Adding print directly to your box or attaching a colorful label is a must to appeal to consumers.

Quality Labels With Disclaimers

Things might become a little complicated when it comes to cannabis label standards. To be compliant, not every state has legalized cannabis for medicinal purposes, and each state has its label requirements addressing the eligibility for cannabis goods. The information on these labels is similar to that seen on nutritional fact labels on packaged foods and beverages. There are two areas to be aware of when regulating cannabis labels: central panels and information panels. Cannabis products must have unique warning labels. And labels must also be of high quality and easy to read.

Resealable Packaging

Resealable packaging is essential because you don’t want your product to spoil after only one use. Ziplock bags are a popular choice among cannabis lovers. Because these bags are opaque, they can be transported discreetly and kept out of sight of curious children. Glass jars, like bags, are constructed of non-toxic materials. However, because most glass jars are see-through, the cannabis within is exposed to the sun’s UV radiation. Amber and cobalt-colored jars can be helpful. If your products are packaged in clear glass jars, they must be clearly labeled to store in cool dark places.

Odorless Packaging Options

Odorless packaging bags are composed of compound films and can include a built-in zipper to keep their contents fresh over several uses. These bags, which are heat-sealable and thus tamper-evident, can be opaque or have a clear window through which consumers can observe the contents.

More cannabis items are making their way to the retail floor as a more significant market for cannabis products appears to be promising. Companies will want to stay up to date on the regulations and requirements for cannabis products until there is a national standard, so their items remain compliant and available to customers.

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