5 Benefits of Smoking from a Bong

Wondering what a bong does? In this guide, we'll explain the benefits of smoking out of a bong.

The legalization of recreational use of marijuana has sparked huge debates among many countries. In the US, thirty-three states have legalized its use but only eight permit the recreational use.

Smoking has become more fun now that there is a variety of ways to do it. Whether you prefer smoking out of a bong, using a hand pipe or smoking the traditional blunt, the most important thing is that you enjoy your high.

Have you being smoking blunts but feel like you should try using a bong? Well, you are on the right page. Continue reading to understand the benefits of smoking from a bong.

Smoking out of a Bong

If you have no idea on how to use a bong just follow the following easy steps.

• First, add water to the bong through the mouthpiece while aiming directly at the bottom. Make sure the water is at a good level to facilitate filtering.
• Take out the bowl and load it with some cannabis or tobacco.
• Add some ice cubes if you like.
• Place your mouth on the mouthpiece and inhale slowly while lighting at the bowl.
• Sit down, relax and enjoy your high time.

Below are benefits of smoking from a bong.

1. Smooth on Your Throat

Have you ever smoked, only to cough for like the next two minutes? This mostly occurs when you are smoking a blunt or a joint. Now, imagine being able to take the perfect hit without it feeling like there is a desert on your throat.

Most smokers find it enjoyable to take a puff and hold it in for as long as possible only to release the smoke slowly. This is quite difficult when you have a scratchy throat.

You want to know why bongs are so cool. It’s because they eliminate this problem. A glass bong gives you a smooth hit that enables you to enjoy your smoke just the way you want it. Due to the same reason, bongs are perfect for beginners since they can enjoy their first experience without irritation on the throat.
Regular smokers also find glass bongs the best option as it eliminates a scratchy throat completely.

Water eliminates all bacteria present in the smoke. Also, it’s responsible for the cooling sensation you feel after using a water bong. Thus, inhaling the smoke is as safe as smoking can get.

Truth is we all want to smoke without facing the consequences of smoking. Smoking out of a bong reduces the chances of numerous conditions linked with the habit.

2. Bigger Hits

Yes, there exits bigger hits than you have had before. There are times when you just want to enjoy one big hit. Also, after you have been smoking for a while, you might feel as if you need bigger hits to get higher.

The best thing is that a bong allows you to get these big hits when you need them. Beginners can find bong rips overwhelming but they can be pretty enjoyable for regular stoners.

The good thing is that you don’t have to take a big hit just because you are using a bong. The whole point is that it allows you to take small and big hits interchangeably.

3. Health Benefits

Smoking is all fun and games till we face the harsh consequences of the habit. They include lung cancer, bronchitis, and other illnesses. A bong has brought us to what we can call healthy smoking. This can be attributed to the water filtration feature.

If you have ever used a clear bong, then you must have noticed the change in the color of the water. It turns into a shade of brown and even black if used for long.

Now, if it were not for the water, all that black or brownish substance would have gone to your lungs. Accumulation of all that tar especially on a regular basis leads to illnesses mentioned earlier on.

All these are good news but recent studies have shown that the water might be absorbing the beneficial components of the dry herb. This means that you have to smoke more times so as to get the same effect.

More and improved percolators have been introduced in the market. They are designed to make your smoking enjoyable and less life-threatening.

4. Ease of Use

When you want to get high, the last thing you want to do is start figuring out a complex smoking device. A bong is so easy to use you can even end up creating your own smoking patterns.

The operations of a bong may prove difficult when you are using one for the first time but after that, you are good to go. Besides, for first-time stoners, bongs have proven to be easier to use when compared to other methods like joints.

Note that, bongs come in all shapes and sizes. The modern ones are the easiest to use.

5. Easy Maintenance

Bongs are not easy to deal with as compared to joints but they too don’t require much effort from you. Glass ones are especially easy to clean. Also, their non-porous material does not allow the collection of any harmful residue.

Most are the times when all you want to do is take your bong and get right down to business. But, it’s really important that you change the water every time you use the apparatus. Remember, it changes color after trapping harmful substances and this can’t be good for you.

Get More Information on From Smoking from a Bong

Bongs are unique in that they offer the regular smoker the freedom to smoke for as long as they would want without having to face dire consequences.

Apart from the sentimentality attached to smoking a blunt, smoking out of a bong is the best method. If you find it hard to stop the habit but would try healthier alternatives, then smoking from a bong is ideal for you.

Learn to take bigger and more flavorful bong rips, as much when you read this easy guide.

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