10 Hinduism symbols and their meaning

Here are some symbols you'll find in Hinduism.

  1. Aum or Om is the root mantra in Hinduism from which all creation issues forth. It is connected with Lord Ganesha.

2. Ganesha is the Ruler of Dharma. He guides our karmas through creating and removing obstacles from our path. We seek His permission and blessings in every undertaking.

3. Tripundra signifies the burning away of anava, karma and maya. The bindu, or dot, at the third eye quickens spiritual insight.

4. Nataraja is Siva as “King of Dance.” Dancing the fierce ballet of bliss, pushing the cosmos into and out of existence.

5. Padma or Lotus, is associated with Deities and the chakras, especially the 1,000-petaled ‘sahasrara.’ Rooted in the mud, its blossom is a promise of purity.

6. The Hindu Swastika, is the symbol of good fortune. The right-angled arms of this ancient sun-sign denote the indirect way that Divinity is apprehended: by intuition and not by intellect.

7. Mahakala, “Great Time,” presides above creation’s golden arch. He is Time beyond time, reminder of this world’s transitoriness, that sin and suffering will pass.

8. Shatkona, “six-pointed star,” is two interlocking triangles; the upper stands for Siva, ‘purusha’ (male energy) and fire, the lower for Shakti, ‘prakriti’ (female power) and water.

9. Chandra and Surya: Chandra is the moon, ruler of the watery realms and of emotion, testing place of migrating souls. Surya is the sun, ruler of intellect, source of truth.

10. Trishula: Siva’s trident carried by Himalayan yogis, is the royal scepter of the Saiva Dharma (Shaivite religion). Its triple prongs betoken desire, action and wisdom.

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