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CBD: Powerful Alternative Treatment for Mental Illness

CBD Powerful Alternative Treatment for Mental Illness

“Approximately 1 in 5 adults in the U.S.— 43.8 million, or 18.5% — experiences mental illness in a given year”. These are the alarming statistics we are currently facing in the United States, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Fortunately, there’s an ongoing conversation on mental health taking place, with increased awareness compared to previous years. However, a great deal of patients are faced with long-term treatment, usually with harmful prescription medication. But what if we had a natural solution available, such as CBD oil? Find out the CBD benefits for mental health below. Here is another list of the most significant 5 diseases that CBD can help treat.

CBD Oil for Anxiety

The concept of medical marijuana for anxiety serves as one of the most popular queries in relation to CBD hemp oil. Based on preclinical trials and what confirmed information we have until now, researchers widely agree that CBD is a powerful, natural anxiolytic. CBD and anxiety go hand in hand, with cannabidiol oil significantly reducing the effects of disorders in this category.

From heart rate to blood pressure, the best strains for anxiety succeed in maintaining stats under control. Although traditional weed and anxiety may be disastrous together, pure CBD oil (with little to no THC content) will work wonders on calming the nerves. Science shows that, despite originating from the same plant, THC and CBD interact differently with our brain, with the latter being a potent anti-psychotic.

Cannabis Oil for PTSD

Common medication for PTSD includes heavy anti-depressants like Prozac or Zoloft, which can potentially lead to addiction or withdrawal systems. Nevertheless, CBD treatment for PTSD is identified as a viable natural solution. But how does CBD help PTSD? Above all, by noticeably reducing symptoms of PTSD, starting with fear memory.salviaextract CBD OIL CBD EDIBLES CBD GUMMIESIn addition to this, CBD can play a crucial role in PTSD treatment by lowering the chances of hypervigilance, otherwise known as being extremely alert. Hemp oil for PTSD can also help with recurring nightmares that most patients of this disorder undergo. CBD specifically has a relaxing effect among oils for anxiety, as opposed to the psychoactive impact of THC.

Cannabidiol Oil for OCD

Another one of the anxiety disorders that can benefit from positive CBD effects is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Just like in the case of PTSD, CBD is typically treated with harsh anti-depressants that can have a lifelong impact. OCD patients usually have to take daily treatment to maintain the highly control-oriented symptoms of the disorder.

A CBD anxiety study with preclinical trials on rats concluded that cannabidiol may have anti-compulsive benefits for OCD patients1. In other words, there is an increased chance that those with OCD may not feel such a strong need to carry out certain actions repetitively.

CBD for Social Anxiety

Based on data collected by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) affects 15 million American adults, roughly 8.7% of the entire population of our country. One of the most dominant traits of this anxiety disorder is fear of public speaking.

Research shows that pure CBD tincture makes SAD patients more comfortable with speaking in public, even with a better reaction from their audience. One specific study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology in Oxford a few years ago sums up that “CBD reduces anxiety in SAD and that this is related to its effects on activity in limbic and paralimbic brain areas2“.

On a more general level, you can also take CBD oil for panic attacks, extensive stress and even migraines.

Cannabidiol and Sleep Disorders

Even though anxiety and insomnia are often complementary, there has recently been a spike in the demand of CBD tincture for sleep. Therapeutic benefits also extend to CBD REM sleep, in which cannabidiol oil may regulate the anxiety-induced alteration in this stage of deep sleep.

A study conducted last year on a 10-year-old girl with sleep issues, anxiety and additional PTSD symptoms had impressive results. The general conclusion included “clinical data that support the use of cannabidiol oil as a safe treatment for reducing anxiety and improving sleep in a young girl with posttraumatic stress disorder”, with a “steady improvement in the quality and quantity of the patient’s sleep3”.

Cannabinoid Oil for Addiction

A CBD oil benefits list also includes addiction management and treatment. Whether it’s about alcohol, cigarettes or stronger substances, CBD can simultaneously reduce both cravings and relapses in those who suffer from addiction. Even more so, CBD can aid in shielding your brain from damage caused by abusing these substances.

Researchers are now diving into the power of cannabidiol to balance emotional memory processing often associated with addiction. To support this claim, a recent study on hemp oil benefits in relation to substance abuse disorders states that “cannabidiol reduces the expression of drug memories acutely and by disrupting their reconsolidation4”.

Medical Marijuana and Depression

Despite the fact that CBD does not possess the psychoactive properties that give THC the “high” effect, it does allow the user to relax and enjoy a sense of calm and mild euphoria. More and more individuals are seeking medical marijuana for depression, some who haven’t yet found an effective treatment, others to avoid the addiction caused by anti-depressants.

To understand how the effects take place, we need to go back to one of the general causes of depression: lack of chemical balance in the human brain. This directly impacts the central nervous system, which is also known as the endocannabinoid system. When neglected, this system undergoes reduced levels of energy, mood swings and loss of appetite, among others. CBD aids in leveling all of these symptoms, without tightly binding the CB1 receptor and causing intoxication like THC.

CBD Oil Effects on Schizophrenia

Last but not least, it is essential to reference CBD trials for schizophrenia when discussing cannabidiol and mental health. Doctors currently believe that CBD can affect the dopamine system of our brain, while decreasing symptoms of cognitive disorders like schizophrenia. CBD and schizoaffective disorder work through anandamide, a critical neurotransmitter in psychosis.

Results from studies point out that CBD can boost levels of serum anandamide, leading to the improvement of the condition. The formal conclusion of the research team was that “inhibition of anandamide deactivation may contribute to the antipsychotic effects of cannabidiol potentially representing a completely new mechanism in the treatment of schizophrenia5”.

While more research is required to prove the effectiveness of CBD oil for each disorder mentioned, there is hope that cannabidiol will become a normal therapeutic component in the near future. As far as mental health is in discussion, the anxiolytic, anti-depressant and anti-psychotic properties of CBD are paving the way to a new perspective on global mental illness therapy.


1 Nardo, Mirella, Casarotto, Plinio C., Gomes, Felipe V., Guimarães, Francisco S., “Cannabidiol reverses the mCPP-induced increase in marble-burying behavior”, Fundamental & Clinical Pharmacology, 2013.

2 Crippa, J.A. et. al, “Neural basis of anxiolytic effects of cannabidiol (CBD) in generalized social anxiety disorder: a preliminary report”, Journal of Psychopharmacology, 2011.

3 Shannon, S., Opila-Lehman, J., “Effectiveness of Cannabidiol Oil for Pediatric Anxiety and Insomnia as Part of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Case Report”, The Permanente Journal, 2016.

4 Lee, J.L., Bertoglio, L.J., Guimarães, F.S., Stevenson, C.W., “Cannabidiol regulation of emotion and emotional memory processing: relevance for treating anxiety-related and substance abuse disorders”, British Journal of Pharmacology, 2017.

5 Leweke, F.M. et. al, “Cannabidiol enhances anandamide signaling and alleviates psychotic symptoms of schizophrenia”, Translational Psychiatry, 2012.

Will CBD (hemp oil) Get Me High?

Will CBD Get Me High

Let’s be honest; this is the question we’re all curious about when getting acquainted with cannabidiol (CBD hemp oil). “Will CBD vape oil get you high?” is addressed with hopeful excitement by some, but with concern by others. Considering that it comes from the cannabis plant, a CBD high should be the norm, right? Wrong. Well, at least most of the time, depending if there’s a THC and CBD ratio or not. We’ll explain everything and get the facts straight once and for all below.

How Will I Feel After Taking CBD Oil?

Before we expand on how pure CBD oil won’t get you high, let’s start from scratch. What is CBD oil in the first place? For the sake of simplifying and making sure we’re all on the same page, CBD is short for cannabidiol, an active compound found in plants from the Cannabis Sativa species (cannabis or hemp). Due to the lack of CBD’s binding when interacting with CB1 (our cannabinoid receptor, which includes our brains and central nervous systems), there won’t be any CBD oil high taking place.

However, if there’s any type of THC CBD blend at hand, the THC content may spark the high associated with recreational marijuana. You see, THC binds extremely well with CB1, causing the stimulation that results in a high sensation. We wanted to mention this detail because numerous CBD products also contain traces of THC. If yours is pure CBD, you should experience no psychoactive CBD oil effects whatsoever.

salviaextract CBD OIL CBD EDIBLES CBD GUMMIESBut it’s impossible for no CBD vape oil effects to take place, isn’t it? Yep, this time you’re right. CBD oil vape juice (or in other forms) will have an effect on you, but in the best way possible. It kicks in as an awesome analgesic if you’re in pain, it will relax you if you’re stressed and it will calm you if you’re feeling nauseous. As opposed to THC, you won’t experience paranoia, nervousness or any of the occasional effects you’ll get from traditional marijuana smoking.

Are There Any CBD Oil Side Effects?

By now, it all seems too good to be true. No matter how you slice it, the positive effects of CBD greatly outweigh any CBD side effects you may never end up experiencing. Nonetheless, it’s our duty to present the big picture. We’re glad to report that potential CBD effects are common, such as having a dry mouth or low blood pressure, or feeling drowsy or light-headed. Those with Parkinson’s disease should avoid CBD, as some clinical studies conclude that CBD might aggravate muscle movement.

In a study published in Dialogues in clinical neuroscience, doctors Natalya M. Kogan and Raphael Mechoulam wrap up their observations noting: “In view of the very low toxicity and the generally benign side effects of this group of compounds, neglecting or denying their clinical potential is unacceptable. 1” We couldn’t agree more.

Will CBD Oil Appear on a Drug Test?

Another one of the questions that concerns many is the possibility of cannabis oil or hemp oil showing up on a drug test. You can rest assured that pure CBD will not make you flunk one of these tests. Still, any bit of THC content may end up on your results, so be careful which variety you consume.

Is Cannabidiol Oil for Me?

Now that we know it’s safe to use, what are some of the common CBD hemp oil uses or benefits of CBD oil? We have to admit that a full hemp oil benefits list would mostly likely result in writing a book, so we’ll just touch on some of the most sought-after applications. You’ve probably heard of cannabis oil for pain, CBD oil for anxiety or even CBD oil cancer benefits. No matter how far-fetched they may seem, they’re all wonderfully true.

In fact, numerous studies based on clinical trials all point to the effectiveness of organic CBD oil. For instance, one study about cannabis oil for cancer states “cannabinoids could have direct antitumour activity, possibly most impressive in central nervous system malignancies” and that “Oncologists could find cannabis and cannabinoids to be effective tools in their care of patients living with and beyond cancer2”.

For more common applications, CBD is a natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent, meaning that you can take CBD oil for pain and discomfort. Also, if you’re generally anxious or you suffer from more severe conditions, like PTSD, you can look into the best CBD hemp oil for anxiety as a solution. Here is an extremely simplified list of a few other hemp oil uses and CBD benefits in relation to health problems:

  • Kidney Disease
  • Glaucoma
  • Epilepsy
  • Diabetes
  • Autism
  • Stroke
  • OCD
  • Schizophrenia
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • ALS

What about CBD Oil for Dogs or Cats?

Lucky for us, cannabis oil uses extend to our four-legged friends as well. No matter if your pup or kitty is the case, you can give them CBD for aggression, arthritis, digestive problems or even as post-surgery treatment. Even more so, it is reported that CBD tincture can speed the recovery process for ripped ligaments, sprains and even broken bones in your furry companion.

How Should I Take Cannabinoid Oil?

CBD Hemp Oil
CBD Hemp Oil

At this point, you’re probably wondering what the best CBD oil method is. To each his own, but vaping CBD oil is definitely one of the most popular ways. It is said that using CBD vape juice (CBD E liquid) is the quickest way for it to take effect. Some aren’t comfortable with this option, so they opt for CBD pills, CBD extract or CBD drops for oral consumption. If you want a cool treat, you can even indulge in CBD gummies. Actually, CBD gummy bears are gaining widespread love more than ever these days.

If you’re aiming to treat a skin condition, you may be better off with a CBD lotion. People also use CBD cream topically for pain relief, but you can get its analgesic benefits better with CBD oil capsules. For treating a larger part of your skin, sit back, relax and enjoy a tub with a CBD bath bomb. The huge variety of options for taking CBD makes us all the more fond of this breakthrough alternative treatment.

To put it all in a nutshell, CBD hemp oil will not get you high, but it will give you more benefits than you could ever imagine. If you’re incredibly anxious or stressed out all the time or if you struggle with an aggravated health condition, CBD may just be the miracle you’ve been overlooking all this time. Don’t fall prey to ignorance; choose to be informed and find out all of the options you have at hand. It just may save your life


1 Natalya M. Kogan, M. Natalya, Mechoulam, Raphael, “Cannabinoids in health and disease”, Dialogues in clinical neuroscience, pp. 413-430, 2007.

2 Abrams, D.I., “Integrating cannabis into clinical cancer care”, Current Oncology, 2016.


CBD 101: The Good, the Bad & the Hope

CBD 101

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been sparking interest and keeping the conversation going on medical marijuana for years on end. Although studies in support of CBD benefits surface periodically, the uninformed masses are still apprehensive about accepting cannabinoid oil as a form of alternative treatment. But what is the truth about cannabidiol oil and how effective is it for healing purposes? Learn all about the potent chemical compound in the comprehensive guide below.

What Is CBD Oil (Cannabidiol)?

CBD, the acronym for cannabidiol, is defined by the National Cancer Institute as “a phytocannabinoid derived from Cannabis species, which is devoid of psychoactive activity, with analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antineoplastic and chemopreventive activities”. To put it shortly, it is one of the numerous active cannabinoids found in cannabis, the well-known plant from the Cannabaceae family.

Contrary to what some may believe, CBD oil uses do not include recreational consumption. In other words, cannabidiol is not synonymous with the psychoactive drug derived from the same plant. CBD has various therapeutic applications, from dealing with Alzheimer’s to easing digestive issues and more. Before we go into detail about the health benefits of CBD, we’ll shed some light on its most controversial aspect.


Indeed, both THC and CBD are natural constituents of the cannabis plant. Moreover, they also share the same chemical composition. However, THC is a known psychoactive, while CBD is anything but. What truly sets the two apart is the way they interact with cannabinoid (CB1) receptors. THC effectively binds with CB1 receptors, resulting in the stimulation that recreational users aim for.

On the other hand, CBD doesn’t fix on as well on the receptors. Consequently, it doesn’t activate the central nervous system and the brain as much. In fact, it decreases the main side effects that THC comes with: anxiety and short-term memory impairment. It’s a well-known antipsychotic that actually increases your energy instead of draining you of it.

CBD Oil Benefits List: What is CBD Good for?

With new research on the rise, the positive effects of CBD hemp oil are starting to be outnumbered. Cannabis oil uses are continually being studied, for both mental and physical ailments. An entire article would have to be dedicated to the extended applications of cannabidiol, so we’ll highlight a few of the main benefits of CBD oil below.

1. CBD Oil for Pain

Among its countless therapeutic properties, hemp oil is known for being a capable pain reliever. Patients suffering from chronic pain are starting to use CBD oil to relieve the intense discomfort that comes with these diseases. Cannabidiol has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, also possessing muscle-relaxing properties.

After one study regarding the power of cannabinoids in managing extreme pain, the author concluded that “Given their multi-modality effects upon various nociceptive pathways, their adjunctive side benefits, the efficacy and safety profiles to date of specific preparations in advanced clinical trials, and the complementary mechanisms and advantages of their combination with opioid therapy, the future for cannabinoid therapeutics appears very bright, indeed.”1

2. CBD Oil for Anxiety

In addition to using cannabis oil for pain, people are being more receptive to using it for anxiety relief. More specifically, the National Institute on Drug Abuse identified significant therapeutic benefits for SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder) patients, but also for those undergoing an extensive amount of stress. After these early trials, the results were observed not only on a behavioral level, but also through a visibly reduced heart rate.2

These aren’t the only situations in which CBD proves its anti-anxiety properties. In addition to SAD patients, individuals with PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) can use CBD oil for anxiety management. Even more so, those who suffer from insomnia triggered by anxiety can also rely on cannabidiol for ease of sleep.

3. CBD Oil Cancer Treatment?

Arguably one of the most controversial topics as of late is cannabis oil for cancer. There are already an abundance of papers that attest its ability to inhibit malignant tumors. Just an example is a study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology, concluding that CBD has a “dual effect on both tumor and endothelial cells supports the hypothesis that CBD has potential as an effective agent in cancer therapy”.3 Essentially, CBD oil for cancer works by stopping the growth of tumors.

These are all a mere handful of the health issues that CBD oil can help with. Epilepsy, schizophrenia, autism and bipolar disorder are a few other prominent examples. For a broad view, the European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies pinpoints no less than 700 medicinal uses for cannabis, with a lengthy collection of papers that expand on each one.

CBD Oil Side Effects: Can CBD Hurt Me?

If you’re just starting to get acquainted to the idea of cannabidiol, CBD side effects will certainly be among your concerns. The good news is that any potentially negative CBD effects are minimal. The only apparent downsides to CBD seem to be experiencing dry mouth symptoms, drowsiness, reduced blood pressure or light-headedness. Parkinson’s patients should speak to a medical professional prior to taking CBD, as it may increase their tremor. Aside from that, CBD is regarded as a safe treatment.

How Is Pure CBD Oil Consumed?

Now that you’re familiar with the basics about CBD oil, you may want to consider testing CBD products for yourself. Fortunately, CBD can be consumed in a variety of forms, ranging from CBD vape juice or CBD drops to CBD extract, CBD pills or CBD Gummies. CBD oil vape, also known as CBD E liquid, is one of the most popular options, particularly owing to the water-soluble properties of vaping. To put it otherwise, your body will benefit from a larger amount of CBD.

For topical use, consider a CBD cream. This form is highly recommended for individuals suffering from skin issues, such as eczema, psoriasis or acne. You can also use a CBD bath bomb for your skin. Additionally, even though there is no scientific evidence to back it up yet, some people prefer using CBD lotion for treating pain topically.

Recently, CBD gummies have taken the online market by storm. CBD gummy bears are infused with a CBD tincture, allowing users to reap the health benefits orally. However, ingestion may not be as effective as other consumption methods. It is said that only about 15% of CBD will take effect when consumed orally.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

Finding out if you can legally buy CBD oil strongly depends on your location. While some states and countries have regulations that allow cannabis oil for sale, others have strict policies against it. At the moment, the cannabis oil legal status is positive in 49 states in the USA. There is only one state where there is still an issue and that is South Dakota.

Final Thoughts: The Hope that CBD Brings

With ongoing clinical trials and new information regularly released, there is hope that CBD will be normalized sometime in the near future. Our hope grows proportionally with every medical case improving with the help of CBD. Together with the rise of mental illness awareness, we are experiencing a global mindset shift that we’re confident will contribute to the greater good.

As an organic, safe and potent alternative to dangerous prescription medication, we have every reason to follow the scientific updates regarding cannabidiol and its health benefits. All it takes is a bit of time and effort put into research to understand how this natural element has the power to positively impact the lives of millions around the world.


1 Russo, Ethan B, “Cannabinoids in the management of difficult to treat pain”, Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management, pp. 245-259, 2008.

2 Volkow, Nora D, Director, National Institute on Drug Abuse, “The Biology and Potential Therapeutic Effects of Cannabidiol”, presented at the Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control, 2015.

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Psychedelics and Their Benefits to Mental Health

Psychedelics and Their Benefits to Mental Health
Psychedelics and Their Benefits to Mental Health

A lot of fear and irrational discrimination has prevented the growth of important scientific research into the use of psychedelic drugs. The continued drug war has stopped the flow of funding for research into means of using these drugs legally. In the 50s and 60s, there were some researchers making headways but the criminalization of drugs has stopped all the research. There are also a lot of strict rules governing research in these areas which makes research into this field costly. Psychedelic drugs like MDMA, psilocybin and LSD could be very helpful in the field of mental health.

Psychedelics and Their Benefits to Mental Health

LSD and Psilocybin Mushrooms have been used to cure people privately, for research and to curb depression. These are just a few examples of how these psychedelic drugs are being used. Depression is a mental condition that lasts for long. Depression is hard to cure. But with the recent research into the use of psychedelic drugs, depression could become very easy to cure. Psychedelic drugs have been proven to have positive effects that last for long even when they are used just once.

When LSD was being developed, its potentials as a psychiatric drug looked interesting. LSD was tested as a drug for treating various mental defects. There has been a study on old data collected from tests at various alcohol treatment facilities. This study has yielded interesting results on the use of LSD as a cure for addiction.

The drug Ecstasy has also been proven to be useful for treating anxiety and PTSD. During a MAPS research, it was discovered that there was an improvement of symptoms associated with PTSD. Psychotherapy boosted by MDMA was compared with psychotherapy with just a placebo and it was discovered that there were important improvements in PTSD symptoms when measured by usual symptom scales. Recently, researchers in the United States discovered that depression rates could be reduced by ketamine.

psilocybin and mental health
Psilocybin and mental health

Psilocybin is a psychedelic substance that could have a lot of benefits medically and spiritually. This was revealed from research done by the John Hopkins School of Medicine.

Psilocin and psilocybin are psychedelic compounds offer to give a psychedelic experience with a lot of visual effects. It also helps one think philosophically. Magic truffles and magic mushrooms both contain psychedelic substances which give one psychedelic experiences. The M.D. of UCLA, Charles S. Grob led a pilot study that was created to determine the chemical benefits of giving psilocybin to people that suffer from depression and anxiety along with chronic or advanced cancer. The people who participated in the study showed improvements after. They had reduced depression and anxiety for as much as half a year period after the dose they were administered.

Psychedelics can also produce great changes in how aware an individual is. LSD and psilocybin have been used to study depression in many clinical procedures that are becoming routine.

A research room will be setup to feel and look very comfortable. The participants in the research are then given a dose. A researcher sits with them for about 4 to 6 hours which is the length of the experience. Most times, the participants do not move and they rather enjoy the experience allowing their brains and body to relax.

Studies that have been carried out recently has shown that psilocybin can work on the brain the same way that SSRI antidepressants like Prozac work. The effects are also the same as those taking medication and other therapies prescribed by medical practitioners. Researchers believe that the positive effects of psilocybin could last longer than the pills.

Psychedelic experiences stop depression by means that are not often clear to researchers. But various theories have been proposed. Some reason that the drugs open pathways that have been previously closed in the brain thus allowing emotions to flow freely and making people feel more connected and rooted. The experiences that occur when one takes psychedelics could be responsible for the long-term impact.

Legality of Cannabis in Scandinavian Countries

Cannabis is a complex plant, that grows wild in many of the tropical and temperate areas of the world. It can be grown in almost any climate, and is increasingly cultivated by means of indoor hydroponic technology, with major compounds such as delta -9-tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol, simply called THC. This compounds the main part of the plant that gives the „high”. There is a wide range of THC potency between cannabis products.  Each cannabis strain has its own characteristics. For example Sour Diesel  is a strain with a strong lime smell (limonene terpene) has a balanced indica/sativa blend that gives certain characteristics that define its medical uses(reduces anxiety and pain).

Legality of Cannabis in Scandinavian CountriesCannabis is commonly consumed in three principal forms: marijuana, hashish and hash oil. Marijuana is made from dried flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant, hashish is made from the resin secreted by the plant, while the most potent of all cannabis products, hash oil is a thick oil made from hashish. Al there products can be smocked.

The cannabis plant is divided in two, Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa, and these species can be separated by their different physical characteristics. Indica-dominant strains are short plants with broad, dark green leaves and have higher cannabidiol content than the sativa plants in which THC content is higher, and are known for being physically sedating,  perfect for relaxing. Sativa-dominant strains are usually taller and have thin leaves with a pale green colour. Due to its higher THC content, Sativas typically provide more invigorating, uplifting cerebral effects that pair well with physical activity, social gatherings, and creative projects.

The legality of cannabis for general or recreational use varies from country to country. Possession of cannabis is illegal in most countries as a result of the agreement about Indian hemp, also known as hashish, in the International Opium Convention (1925). Here is a short review about the legal status of cannabis in the scandinavian countries:

Sweden – Marijuana laws in Sweden completely forbids this drug. This country has laws against any and all possession, sale, transport, and cultivation of cannabis. It is illegal for recreational and medical purposes, though very medical limited usage of cannabis-based drugs is allowed for specific conditions.

Many Swedes do not make the difference between weed and harder drugs so just a few Swedes smoke weed, this is why it’s hard to find it for buying. and due to the risks, most won’t be open about it. Although cannabis has seen to be quite useful in medical issues such as multiple sclerosis. As a matter a fact in a case that drew some attention in the press, a patient suffering by multiple sclerosis that was using cannabis for treating her issue was found by the court guilty and then punished accordingly to the law. Despite the legal issue, marijuana is at times considered “street legal” and acceptable to smoke in a few quiet streets where it does not bother any passers-by, keep in mind that the possession, transport, cultivation, and sale of cannabis is still federally illegal in Sweden. The national police use the standards of a particular policy known as “disturb and annoy,” backed by the government’s zero tolerance policy. This means that police may stop an individual on the suspicion of drug use and police are given training on how to spot someone under the influence of a narcotic.

Denmark  Marijuana in the country of Denmark is illegal. While many Danes are willing to tolerate its use, there are still consequences to breaking the law. Being under the influence of illegal substances or alcohol while driving or riding a bike can lead to big fines and long jail terms.

Since 2004 (when the Euphoriants Act of 1955 was notably amended), the law say that persons found in possession of a “limited quantity” of a drug will get only a warning (less than 10 g). However, if someone has repeated offences involving even minor quantities can result in can result in some consequences. The law has directed courts to consider “the harmful effects of the substance”, which in practice means that cannabis offences are generally punished less severely than “harder” drugs.

Norway – Marijuana is a narcotic substance and treated like other narcotic substances in Norwegian law. It is illegal to possess or using (small amounts of) narcotic substances and this fact can lead to a penalty of fines or prison up to six months

In fact, even in cases where an individual in Norway demonstrates no intention to use or sell cannabis, they are still liable to punishment by law. Any acts relating to marijuana possession, transportation, and cultivation, are considered to be in contravention of the established marijuana laws in Norway.

The cops around here, don’t really care if you are using drugs. Still, if you get caught the punishment will be severe. If you keep a low profile, you won’t get caught, cause even though it doesn’t seem like it on the outside, there are many drug users in Norway even though it doesn’t seem like it.

Finland – Cannabis in Finland is illegal. According to the criminal code of Finland,  production, import, transport, sale, possession and use of cannabis is illegal and can be punishable by law.

The criminal procedure regarding personal use of illegal narcotics was reformed in 2001. The goal of the change was to relieve burden of personal use cases from the courts, expedite enforcement and standards enforcement policies – specifically by stopping cases from not being prosecuted due to lack of resources. In the reformed procedure the police issue summary fines for most personal use offences, and cases are not brought to court unless the defendant so desires. Aggravated drug offences and possession with intent to distribute (possession for sale) are always brought to court and penalties are harsher. In practice, possession of up to 10 grams of hashish or 15 grams of marijuana is deemed personal use and carries a penalty of 10–20 day-fines.

Iceland – Possession, cultivation, sale, and consumption of marijuana are all illegal in Iceland, and could result in jail time.

Cannabis was first banned on 14 October 1969, but when it comes to consuming marijuana, however, the Icelandic authorities tend to impose heavy monetary fines rather than jail time to first-time offenders at the moment.

The penalties for possession of marijuana vary here, and that depends of the amount you get caught with. If you are at the first offence and you get caught possessing up to one gram of marijuana in Iceland, you can expect to pay up to 35000 kroner (the equivalent of around 467 eur). However, amounts of over half of kilo will result in at least 3 months of jail time.

W.O.L.F. FESTIVAL 2017 – Psytrance and adventure sports, are you up to this challenge?

W.O.L.F. 2017 - Psytrance festival

Yeah that’s it! The monument of nature “Straža” near Vrsac Serbia, will be the epicenter of top-class performances, wonderful production and stage design, and it will host world psytrance performers from Chile, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Great Britain, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia. Wild nature, beautiful forests, camping and swimming in the clear river Karas will additionally make this festival an irresistible for visitors!

WOLF FESTIVAL SERBIAThis festival became internationally recognized thanks to completely original idea – to combine adventure sports and music into one event. It sounds unbelievable but it’s really happening. As part of the WOLF adventure, visitors will be able to try on kayaking, airsoft, paintball, shooting, as well as other sport activities such as volleyball, Frisbee, swimming … This creative combination attracted the tourists and they are coming because they haven’t seen anything like this so far.

W.O.L.F 2017 (Way Of Life Festival) in a very innovative way promotes Serbia in the world, representing its spirit through the ancient symbol of a powerful animal – WOLF. Throughout history, wolf was a kind of personification of the Serbian people and it’s spirit. Wolf has a strong, unconstrained character, the need for freedom, disobedience, firmness, but also affiliation with the collective, wisdom and superior intelligence.

W.O.L.F. 2017 - Psytrance festivalIn this spirit, WOLF will host big world psytrance stars like DigiCult, Goasia, Boom Shankar, Bitkit, Tropical Bleyage, Pulsar, but many other globally known performers such as Spirit Architect, Carina, Aioaska, BPM, Sarmati, Champa, Tristate, Opsy. You can see whole lineup here –  www.wayoflifefest.org. Except in musical program, visitors will be able to enjoy in various artistic  performances, purchasing unique jewelry, clothes, artworks and handicrafts … There will be jugglers, artists with fire, painters, acrobats, cartoon artists, designers. They will enjoy in alternative exercises in nature and massages for improving physical health, as well as traditional and international dishes and specialties, healthy drinks, fruit salads…

WOLF FESTIVAL SERBIAAnother thing that makes difference is free entrance for several countries. Every year specific “Guest country” citizens can visit the festival and enjoy all programs for free. This year, special guests are citizens from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Romania, Austria and Norway, so if you have friends or acquaintances from these countries, invite them to take advantage of this campaign. This decision was made in cooperation with the City of Vrsac and the Tourist Organization of Vrsac, in order to improve the international exposure of this tourist region and raise the number of visits from abroad.

W.O.L.F. 2017 - Psytrance festival
W.O.L.F. 2017 – Psytrance festival

According to the organizers, the point  of the festival is that at least for a moment we are free from the pressure , to do what we love and live in the way we love, freely, as the wolf does … to relax, free our thoughts , enjoy nature, music, socializing, art and creation. That’s why organizers invite all free spirit people to become a part of the “wolf family”. The festival is open for all adventurers, artists, entertainers, musicians and dancers and swimmers, barbecues and musicians.

Therefore, if you think you fit into W.O.L.F. Family as a photographer, videographer, exhibitor, artist, barbecue master, acrobat or something else, the festival eagerly awaits your application at the official e-mail [email protected]

Festival tickets provide a three-day access to the festival, free camping site, free parking, showers, beach and toilets, and entry for children under 10 years  is free.

W.O.L.F. 2017 - Psytrance festivalW.O.L.F. 2017 - Psytrance festival

W.O.L.F. 2017 - Psytrance festival

As we approach the festival, the price of tickets will increase. From July, until the festival, the price will be 25Eur, and at the entrance will be 30Eur. One-day tickets can be bought at the entrance for 15Eur

Tickets can be purchased in all WinWin stores in Serbia (http://bit.ly/winwinlocations) or via DDTickets (http://bit.ly/wolfkarte).

The festival has organized transportation from Niš to the festival and from Vrsac to the festival. For more information, visit www.wayoflifefest.org and follow www.fb.com/WayOfLifeFest.

Ayahuasca visions showed artist an ancient woodworking technique that he is now using to produce unique wood sculptures

Chris Isner ancient woodworking
Chris Isner ancient woodworking

During an Ayahuasca ceremony, Chris Isner received clear instructions about an ancient woodworking technique that he now uses to record his and his client’s visions into unique wood sculptures. His work fascinates and everybody asks what materials he is using. It’s hard to believe it’s just wood but as a conscious human being Chris is not using any wood – but only reclaimed “guilt-free” wood.

Chris Isner loves his work and has already created some astonishing pieces that you can see in detail on his website at http://isnervision.com. But his best work are commissioned pieces where the synergy of two minds can produce breath-taking results. We had the opportunity to sit down with Chris and we invite you to dive in the life of one person whose life was positively impacted by Ayahuasca and psychedelics. His work stands proof.

Chris – your work is amazing – can you tell our readers more about what you were doing before you had any Ayahuasca experience?

Thanks. I had been living for a few years in a free house in West Oakland provided by my friend and patron, Tajai Massey of Hieroglyphics and Souls of Mischief fame. Tajai had rescued me from a horrible Rastafarian Boer veggie-diesel mechanic with a dreadlocks combover who had taken me in after a stretch of homeless wandering post-rehab and was ruthlessly exploiting my labour. At Tajai’s, I was doing large tattooed pieces on ghetto-scavenged plywood with this gratuitously over-sized tattoo machine I made that was beefy enough to dig into wood. I made iteration after iteration of a scorpion madonna entity veve I had contracted through a scorpion neurotoxin injection whilst riding a hollow log in the Gulf of Mexico just off the wild North Yucatán coast.

How did you end up being interested in Ayahuasca?

Someone loaned me Narby’s book, The Cosmic Serpent, and I was hooked. I began researching, watching documentaries, and became singularly obsessed to the exclusion of all else which seems to be quite a common experience. Of course, I later learned that this was the medicine calling to me.

Did you have any experience with other psychedelics before?

When I was much younger, beginning as a teenager, who didn’t? While such psychedelic trips can do nothing other than shape our conceptions of reality and reveal basic truths, without the expertise of dedicated practitioners, there’s just so much wasted potential and blind floundering. We wonder what may have been had we discovered curanderismo much earlier, no?

Did psychedelics influence your work before?

Well, if you consider Scorpion neurotoxin as a psychedelic, and you might! I was giddy all day, dreamy for weeks, writing magical realist poetry quite out of character for me. Better than molly. In fact, I kept that big black scorpion in a jar by my bed, feeding it giant crickets, and there were times when I was tempted, my pinky finger poised just out of striking range….ah, but I chickened out, it’s just so damn painful! It was a trap, you know. I had spied a hollow log riddled with woodpecker holes lapped in the surf, spouting delightfully from every hole with each wave. So, I pushed it into deeper water to push it home and make a fountain out of it. While playing on it, riding and rolling on it, SHE emerged all wet and amorous and gave me a little kiss on the tip of my pinky finger. It was hysterically funny, just imagine the tableau: just me, the log and the scorpion in the sea, no one else around for miles, just a vast mangrove lagoon past the beach filled with crocodiles, flamingos and feral dogs, the jungle’s expanse past that, jaguars, and the scorpion chasing me up and down the length of the log all the way home because I was higher, dryer ground! You see, no one else for hundreds of miles would have been so enamoured by that spouting log to ride it in the sea, just me. Such a brilliant trap.

Can you please describe in as much detail as you can tell to the public what happened in the ceremony that triggered your new woodworking technique?

Visions swarmed the jungle’s screaming night as I sat gaping goggle-eyed, vomit drool hanging from my lip, the Shipibo curandero blasting my mind apart with song, and he wasn’t a man at all but an enormously serpentine undulation studded with a thousand kaleidoscopic eyes! Having heard that the snakes will do our bidding and having come to deadroads in life, I wiped my chin, collected my courage, and ordered that cosmic worm to reveal my path.

I was rewarded with a vision like a YouTube tutorial from some bizarre alternate universe. I saw human hands out of time immemorial shape a wooden bowl using an ancient technique, revealing gorgeous textures, as the faces of primordial entities morphed and twisted through the fractal ooze.

While I do my rough shaping with rotary tools, I use that technique for the refining and finishing. It’s extremely fast, eliminating maybe 80% of the total labor. The smoothing and finishing that would normally take days is done in an hour or two, completely transforming the work far beyond my own ability. I’m always breathless watching the transformation. Honestly, my carving is extremely rough and amateurish, but this technique yields amazing work. It’s true, I do absolutely amazing work–at least it absolutely amazes me–but I can’t really take credit for it, being but a tool myself.

To your knowledge, is anyone using a similar technique today? What about in the past?

Sure, this technique was used for millennia, but I’ve looked and looked and haven’t seen anything like it. The #1 question I get when people see the work in person is, “What are they made of?” Having never seen wood that looks like this before, people assume it’s ceramic or some cast material, even plastic! Given that neither I nor anyone else I’ve talked to has seen anything like it, I think I’ll keep it that way for a while.

What does a day in the workshop look like?

My last workshop was awesome, quite large and rent-free. But a SWAT team kicked in my door, cut electricity and boarded the place up because someone in one of the other units was growing pot–legally because this is California, but they were pirating electricity. So, why’d they kick in my door to my clearly marked, legally distinct unit? No idea but I probably have a lawsuit. Now I have to pay rent which means an 8’x8′ shed which is fine as I need little space to work in. I sit in a sawdust pile working most every day, dreaming of the jungle, ridiculously in love with my partner, HoYee Wong, abjectly grateful for this second life. I’d say I lose myself in the work but that self was lost long ago. We drink the Vine of the Dead and so we die, not to be reborn but to be replaced. And that’s fine, I never liked that guy anyway.

What does a commissioned project look like? 

The most recent piece was an altar to Odin in teak and mahogany, made as an anniversary gift for a lovely neopagan couple. http://m.imgur.com/a/r3V7L

I only use scrap or reclaimed wood as I just cannot contribute to deforestation. This dictates size and and configuration of elements. The teak panels are from a junked piece of furniture.

What is the weirdest commission proposal you’ve received?

Right now I’m working on a very NSFW altar to the succubus entity Lilith. The client wants it to be as bizarrely graphic and sexually explicit as possible, so imagine if H.R. Giger wasn’t such a prude.

And your favourite? 

Always what I’m currently working on is my favorite. Nothing else exists. There really is only one reason to make art, work made for any other being that of a dilettante: lack of choice for whichever reason always speaks of a madness which is power and humans fear power always. Power: simply the ability to do something, synonymous with energy in physics: the capacity of a body or system to perform work. This is all there is and you can see it if you close your eyes and look. It always breaks my heart a little every time I box one up to ship, especially commissions that I haven’t had much time to bask with.

What would be your dream project to work on?

Something big, perhaps with a milled fallen oak on someone’s property, thick slabs. I know that what I’ve done so far is just child’s play compared to what I’m capable of doing. Commissioned work seems to be producing the most interested, unexpected pieces. I work closely with my clients, picking their minds for ideas, responding to feedback, and the synergy of two minds working together yields something I would have never imagined on my own.

Have you thought about teaching your technique to students?

It is my primary intention to go back to Peru with a bagful of tools and teach this technique to some young people. I owe the people there so much and feel a deep need to give back. It requires no real talent to create something gorgeous and given the speed of creation this technique allows, I think it will enable them to do quite well making souvenirs for the tourist trade: ayahuasca cups, medicine bowls, incense holders, pipes, etc. I think they can earn anywhere from $5-$20/hour or more–pretty good for kids in a place where labourers make a fraction of that. I can also teach them some wicked sales techniques that work like a charm on gullible gringos If someone wants to pay for the tools and the trip, he or she can come with me and we’ll create a truly awesome piece together there.

Chris Isner ancient woodworking
Vortex Awakening
Chris Isner ancient woodworking
Aurageometry 1
Chris Isner ancient woodworking
Aurageometry 2
Chris Isner ancient woodworking
Chris Isner ancient woodworking
Chris Isner ancient woodworking
Chris Isner ancient woodworking
Chris Isner ancient woodworking
Chris Isner ancient woodworking
Chris Isner ancient woodworking
Chris Isner ancient woodworking
Pachamama Flight
Chris Isner ancient woodworking
Chris Isner ancient woodworking
Shaman Flight
Chris Isner ancient woodworking
Shaman Flight 2
Chris Isner ancient woodworking
Chris Isner ancient woodworking
Taurus Song
Chris Isner ancient woodworking

Follow Chris Isner’s work here:
Website: http://isnervision.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/isnervision/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/isnervision

Mother and Son caught with 100,000 ECSTASY PILLS at Airport


If you’ve ever wondered what 100 thousand ecstasy pills looks like… Well, you’re looking at it.

Yesterday, a mother and her son from Netherlands were caught in Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport with 100 thousand ecstasy pills in their suitcase.

The drugs weighing 7.5 kilograms and worth $430,000 were found in the “double wall” of their suitcase upon arriving in Israel.

100 thousand ecstasy pills
The pills. Photo credit: Israel Police Spokesperson’s Unit/ Channel 2 News

According to JOL, the 57-year-old mother and her 19-year-old son claimed to be on their way to a family event in Jerusalem, but the suspects were questioned under suspicion of importing and dealing drugs and admitted to the charges during the investigation. The two were arrested and the court decided to extend their arrest until Tuesday.

Source: JOL | Photo via Israeli Police Spokesperson’s Unit

Everything you need to know about Dakini Festival 2017

Dakini Festival
Dakini Festival

This summer’s only festival that makes you feel like a copilot in a full of adrenaline aviation show on Tuzla Airfield, has gathered artists from all around the world for 5 days and nights of partying on the Black Sea’s shore.

Dakini Festival is a new festival spearheading another psytrance culture growth into Romania. The festival will take place in the wilderness on the Romanian Black Sea coastline, on the virgin lands of Tuzla Beach, Constanta for four days and nights of music, speakers & workshops, art installations and more, in one of Eastern Europe’s biggest yoga villages featuring some of the world’s most inspiring and creative minds. Dakini Festival will take place between 29th of june and 3nd of july and will bring over 100 artists on all three stages: chill/live, micro-house and psy-trance.


To create a memorable event on the Black Sea Coast that brings together people who actively pursue a life of spiritual elevation through music, dance and yoga.

Dakini aims to inspire active people from Europe and around the world connect in an environment that celebrates life, nature, freedom, tolerance and creativity, and elevate through better understanding of the world, the self, the nature and the relation between them.

Dakini Festival
Dakini Festival 2017

To become the premiere spiritual event in Romania, a catalyst that inspires our community, is internationally recognized and financially sustainable. Located on the Romanian Black Sea Coast, Dakini will become a year after year destination where everybody feels free and open to share quality mind-expanding experiences that contribute to peace within and in the world.

Dakini festival creates the ambient to fully enjoy the world we live in, in all its forms, with cultural and traditional varieties. DAKINI is about much more than just music, it looks to create an ad-hoc society with all the spiritual amenities necessary to entertain one’s soul, including but not limited to: yoga, martial arts, guided meditations, dance, massages, holistic medical center, tantra, nature immersions, astrology, art installations, hands on workshops, kids area, meditation beach, sustainability and much more…

How? Participants from different countries, guests from other cultures and traditions, the exposure of the new ideas and perspectives – including the impact we have on nature and the sentient beings with which we share this planet – will enrich us spiritually and make us to understand how we can do better and fairer for our entire world.

Music & Activities in Dakini Festival

The Psytrance stage will host among others: Astrix, LOUD, Avalon and E-Mantra; The Chillout Stage will host among others: Desert Dwellers, GAUDI, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Vibrasphere, Kaya Project, Suduaya, Irina Mikhailova, Solar Fields, Globular, Ancient Core, Kukan dUb Lagan, DJ Johnny Blue & Zen Baboon; The Micro Stage will host various Techno and House sounds.

Dakini Festival is situated on the Romanian Black Sea coastline, on the virgin lands of Tuzla Beach, Constanta, about 230KM from the capital Bucharest and is reachable via plane, train, car and buses. Full details can be obtained from the Dakini Festival website: http://dakinifestival.com.

Dakini Festival 2017 line up playlist

We have below a playlist for you where you can taste some of the Dakini Festival 2017 edition line up.

Dakini Festival psytrance
Dakini Festival 2017 Psytrance
Dakini Festival micro stage
Dakini Festival 2017 Micro Stage
Dakini Festival chill stage
Dakini Festival 2017 Chill Stage

DAKINI FESTIVAL – A Journey Into the Unknown (29 June – 03 July 2017)
dakinifestival.com (full information available)
Dakini Festival on Facebook: Event – Official Page Tickets

Southeast Europe is now richer for new extravagant festival – FOREST FEST SERBIA

Forest Fest Serbia
Forest Fest Serbia 2017

Giant caves, trees almost 200 years old, clear rivers, streams, deep forests, absolutely cut off from the rest of the world and civilization are just a few of the reasons why festivals lovers are visiting Forest Fest Serbia for the third year in a row!

To be honest, FOREST FEST is a winner when it comes to festivals in Serbia, and maybe in the whole region!

The location of the Forest Fest became a real magnet for tourists thanks to its amazing beauty of nature and interesting prehistoric discoveries –  two mystical caves which you can visit during your stay at the festival.

WHERE: Paštrić, Serbia
WHEN: 08 June – 12 June 2017

Facebook Event | Facebook Page

Ribnica Cave
Ribnička pećina (Ribnica Cave) is situated in the canyon of the Ribnica, one of the jewels of the Kolubara watershed, under the slopes of the mountains Maljen and Divčibare.
Šalitrena Cave
Šalitrena pećina is a cave in Western Serbia near the village of Mionica, at the northeast tip of a Dinaric mountain range.

In the village Paštrić in Mionica, 25 km from Valjevo and 83 km from Belgrade, time seems to have been stopped. River Ribnica that belongs to basen Kolubara flows through the village bordered by beautiful forests and meadows, making a perfect location for this event. At the beginning of the river  there is Šalitrena cave, an important prehistoric site,while in its central part you can see Ribnička cave across St. Peter and St. Paul monastery. In the area of the festival , you can visit other see sights like: Stone Museum, where you can see more than 300 geological exhibits, Kumova česma- symbol of friendship, Banja Vrujci and house of one of the most famous Serbian dukes – Živojin Mišić.

River Ribnica
River Ribnica

Monument of nature Ribnica in which our Festival is located, was placed under protection as a unique site in Serbia which is habitat of European wild cat Felis Silvestris ( safe for humans), foxes , skunks,eagles, bats…Also here you can find wild fruits like blackberry,strawberry, raspberry and cherry.

european forest cat
European forest cat

There are also 13 nicely developed , large trees whose age is estimated to be over 160 years old. From here you can tell – exotic and fascinating nature is waiting for you!

Forest Fest Serbia
Forest Fest Serbia

The beauty of this place is hardly  described  by words and therefore we invite you to see for yourself: colorful  landscapes and the richness and diversity of flora and fauna.

Forest Fest Serbia
Forest Fest Serbia

Artists, record labels and art organizations from all over the world  will represent a wide variety of genres such as ethno trance, psychedelic trance, Morning Trance, Ambient, Chill out, Dub, Alternative, Goa Trance … On FOREST FEST will perform world stars:

E-Mantra (Altar records) Askari (Dacru rec.) ELEUSYN (JOOF rec.) TROPICAL Bleyage (Dacru rec.) NIGHT HEX (Suntrip rec.) … and many other famous artists.

Forest Fest Serbia

Forest Fest Serbia

Forest Fest Serbia

What certainly attract same attention of tourists as the good sound are Serbian domestic specialties that tourists will have opportunity to try like: gibanica, palenta , homemade bread, sarma..With all of that food it is inevitable to taste famous drinks like homemade wine and rakija. But on this festival you will also find Italian, French, Indian, Russian specialties.

Forest Fest Serbia

For worldwide visitors entrance will be 50Eur. Ticket price includes a camping place at the riverside, free parking, access to the natural monument Ribnica and entry for all five days.

Forest Fest Serbia

For all additional questions you can visit www.forestfest.rs.

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