How to prepare dried psychoactive mushrooms?


How to prepare dried psychoactive mushrooms (Psilocybe cubensis)?


This is what our encyclopaedia says about dosage and preparation of P. cubensis (also known as P. Mexicana or magic mushrooms):

For the fresh mushrooms, this schedule is used very often:
5-10 grams for a light trip for starters.
15-25 grams for a medium trip.
30-35 grams for a trip of the highest level for true psychonauts.

Mushrooms contain approximately 90% water, which means that 10 grams fresh = 1 gram dry, but the exact conversion ratio varies from species to species.

Most psychonauts agree that making mushroom tea the easiest way of consuming them. Poor some hot water over the dried and shredded mushrooms, wait five to ten minutes, separate the liquid and repeat with some more hot water.

The mushrooms, fresh or dried, can also be mixed with orange juice, hot chocolate, flavoured tea, water-honey and spices.