Mercury Retrograde In Libra: Reconsidering & Reflecting On Fairness

The planet Mercury started its retrograde phase on September 17th and it will last until October 9th. This is an astrological phenomena that occurs roughly every four months for over a three week period.

From an Earth based perspective, it looks as if Mercury is going backwards, but this is not the case. It only appears that way due to the relationship between both Earth’s and Mercury’s orbit around the Sun. Accordingly, astrologers observe it differently than when it appears to be forward moving.

How Does Mercury Affect Us?

Mercury rules over communication as well as communication technology. It also rules the intellect, transportation, learning, news, and information. It rules over the analytical mind as well as how we mind the details of life which require thinking.


Materially, it rules over anything with moving parts such as cars and appliances, as well as phones, computers, and devices. When Mercury goes retrograde there are noticeable miscalculations, misunderstandings, mistakes, disruptions, confusion, breakdowns, and sometimes chaos in these areas.

It is commonly known that this is not a good time to make an important decision and not a good time to sign any contracts. If you do absolutely need to sign a contract or feel intuitively to do so, then understand that it might get revised later or there might be something about it that you are not seeing clearly yet. At least make sure to check the fine print and get clear with everything as much as you can.

It is also not a good time for making important purchases, especially for electronic items or vehicles. I would advise keeping all receipts acquired during this period and even in the 2.5 weeks leading up to it.

Starting something completely new is generally not recommended unless it was first thought of in the past or first attempted then, and is now being worked or reworked somehow.

This is generally a good time to reconnect with old friends, finish up old projects, revisit anything work related, or finish a book you started reading a while back.  Other types of revisitation are also advisable.

A Time of Insight & Adjustments

The best way to work with Mercury Retrograde is to be as reflective as possible. It is a time when we can become more ‘right brained’ than usual, if we flow with it. Any of the challenging circumstances (mentioned above) that manifest can create complications and delays that can help to move us into some sort of insightful situation.

The insight that we gain during Mercury retrograde ultimately helps us to make appropriate adjustments in our lives. The adjustments that are being made (or need to be made) are different during every Mercury retrograde which occurs. This depends on what sign Mercury is in, what other planets are involved, and ultimately how it affects a person’s natal astrology chart based on their birth time.

Mercury Retrograde In Libra

Libra is an Air sign, and like all Air signs, it is social and intellectual just like Mercury is as a planet. The difference between Libra and the other Air Signs (Gemini and Aquarius) is that Libra is more oriented around relationships/relating, balance, equality/fairness, social justice, and tactfulness.

With Mercury going retrograde in this sign, indecisiveness can be at an all time high. Libra is about being considerate of others and different perspectives, and this quality is what can cause even more delays during this time. We could be rethinking our perspectives and positions on anything. The key during this period, again, is to embrace different viewpoints and be reflective on how you can make things right.

Venus, Pluto, & The Recent Solar Eclipse

Venus, the ruler of Libra, just ended its retrograde on September 6th and is still in a post retrograde phase until October 9th. This indicates that many of the themes mentioned in the above paragraphs can be associated with new adjustments, arrangements, or endings in relationships.

We also recently had a Solar Eclipse in Virgo (read more about it here), a sign which Mercury rules. This could also be a time where we communicate with each other over what is fair in regards to our work and duties, not only in our personal lives, but also in our workplace. Libra is also associated with balance, and for some people this could be a time of bringing in a new balance into their lifestyle.

Mercury will be square Pluto in Capricorn. This indicates a time where hidden issues can be uncovered. Some people will experience either conflicts and/or positive developments with people who are in a position of power and authority over them, such as in a workplace. Another way it can manifest is that the need for fairness and equality can be brought to the attention to any structures due for transformation. This energy will be particularly strong on September 24th-25th.


Things To Do For This Period
This retrograde period is from September 17th until October 9th. It is best to be as reflective as possible and to avoid making any important decisions. During this period, the Universe is showing you something to help you to make the cenecessary adjustments in your life. Be willing to look at things in a different light, especially around relationships. Reflect on where you and others lack consideration and fairness amongst each other.

On September 30th Mercury will be aligned with the Sun. This will be one of the most insightful periods of the retrograde but can also be one of the most chaotic, depending on what you are doing and how you orientate yourself.

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