DMT – The First Trip – What to Expect?

This is literally the easiest question in the universe. It has only one answer. How many questions with a single answer can you think of? Even if you have a randomized double-blind study asking people if this is the right reply, 100% would agree.

And the answer is: “Expect the unexpected.” There is no such thing as an exaggeration when it comes to DMT.

And no, this is not your regular psychedelic talk where people just boast about the absurdities they have been through. “I’ve given DMT to a lot of people”, says experienced user Dolores Sandlift.

Told ya
“Usually those are seasoned psychonauts with hundreds of trips behind their backs. No one realizes the severity of what is about to happen to them. They’re like: “Oh, I’ve died so many times, no trip can ever scare me again…” No dude. You really don’t know how brutal this is. Even if you know the answer to life, the universe, and everything else, DMT will kick your ass and humble you in ways you cannot fathom. Because it taps into your undiscovered potential of imagination. They never believe me. And when they open their eyes six minutes later, like kids who’ve seen a horde of UFOs or like an atheist who’s been punched by the fist of God, I just smile: “Told ya!”

Joy vs. Horror
The reaction to DMT varies from person to person. “The first-timers who always amaze me are the ones who wake up smiling, start jumping around, kissing the earth, screaming: “What did you do to me? I just went to the next level!”, laughs Dolores. Usually those are the ones who are not very attached to their bodies – artistic people who appreciate the imagery and focus on the beauty of the experience instead of the horror of losing their body. There is, however, very few of them.

“You need to be careful who you give DMT to. I’ve given it to 17-year-olds, and trust me, it could go out of hand”, confesses Dolores. “Sometimes they’re really not ready for it. The devastation of the trip is so intense that they become aggressive, want to leave the house barefoot while tripping, think you’re a threat to them, start screaming: “Stay away from me!” You see – losing your identity and being surrounded by people you don’t know is not something everyone can handle. Of course, some 17-year-olds can handle it fine. It just depends how far into the rabbit hole you are”, says Dolores.

With time DMT users learn that it is rather a mistake to tell first-timers what to expect. The ones who don’t have a lot of information about the experience, who haven’t read every trip report there is on the web and who weren’t told how horrible the trip might be, usually have much more joyful first encounters with the abyss.

This is your trip
Since the DMT realm often multiplies your current state of mind by infinity, it is better to enter it with a pure heart and mind and without many fears or emotions. If you listen to people that this is the most brutal terror you can ever experience, your heart will be beating like a drum in your throat, and your hands will be trembling so hard that you won’t be able to hold the pipe. This is not what you want from your first time. You want to be peaceful, breathing calmly, with a mind free of any daily concerns. So the less you concentrate on trip reports and opinions, the better. This is your trip.

This ride
As to your expectations for the evolution of events on this side of reality – i.e. your physical condition, things are much clearer. Here are some tips for a calm set and setting:

1. Don’t do it alone
Seriously, you might be ashamed or afraid to have people around while you blackout, but smoking for the first time without a friend or an experienced DMT user, is going to be a fail. “My first three trips were with a person trained by ayahuasqueros in South America and I don’t regret it a tiny bit”, shares Dolores. “Trained shamans can handle and channel your energy while you trip, while an inexperienced friend can get scared by your reaction, and make things even worse.”

The best way to smoke DMT is with a glass pipe. Have someone hold your pipe. Even if you do manage to take a good first toke, you might drop the pipe, once you slip into unconsciousness. And you really don’t want to hear the sound of breaking glass during your first trip.2. Prepare for the most obnoxious smell and taste on earth
We’re not kidding. There is nothing more disgusting on this planet. The smell of DMT is so strong that you are never ever going to forget it. In fact, each time you smell it again, you will shiver. But with time you will start loving it.        

3. Have a test toke without DMT
Try the pipe, feel the smell, practice taking a deep toke without DMT, holding your breath for as long as you can. Do this a couple of times to get used to the procedure.

4. Meditate. Breathe. Focus. Relax. Pray
Anything that connects you to your inner peace is highly recommended before smoking DMT. Spend an hour or two alone finding your balance. Feel that you’re ready. You’re never ready, but meditation or prayer won’t harm you. If you are a sports person, you can exercise or do yoga before the trip.5. No interferences
You need an absolutely quiet and calm atmosphere, so make sure no one around you is talking in a loud voice and no one is going to enter the room in the next 15 minutes. People around you really need to stay completely quiet. This also means that all phones need to be in silent mode without vibration.
6. Sit or lie down on a soft surface
You will be unconscious for at least 6 minutes without any control of your body. You might fall forwards or backwards, so make sure you don’t hit yourself.
7. Greet the Spirit
Take a really short toke just to get to know the spirit molecule. This will give you the loving comfort of DMT without scaring the hell out of you.
8. The smoke burns
The smoke of DMT is very hot and burns your throat. Be prepared for that, so you don’t get surprised and cough it out.
9. Close your eyes before you smoke
This means that someone needs to hold the pipe and tell you when to start and stop pulling. This is an important step if you want to make sure you will definitely breakthrough to the other side. If you keep your eyes open, the journey will be rather visual than personal. Also, you might get distracted by what the people around you are doing.
10. Hold it, hold it, hold it…
The usual expression your partner will use while holding your pipe is: “Pull, pull, pull, pull, hold it, hold it, hold it…” This way they will let you know when the smoke is over, and also remind you to hold it deep. This reminder is important because you will become more and more unconscious with each second.Hold the smoke much, much longer than weed. Don’t forget to hold it even after the hallucinations start. You might panic that you’ve forgotten to breathe at some point but this is good – once you remember to breathe, just focus on your breath. Feel its holiness. Nothing compares to your first breath after smoking DMT. 11. The come-up is instantaneous
This is the thing people never expect. This is no LSD, this is no weed, the onset can only be compared to salvia. Three seconds and you’re there. Once the smoke gets into your lungs, be ready to be be “shot out of a cannon and traveling through the entire universe; then having the entire universe shot out of a cannon and into your head”. More detailed explanation
12. Don’t believe anything you feel
You might feel you’ve peed or shit yourself. 99% you haven’t. The warmth in your intimate area is actually energy rising up your body. Try to focus on the energy, don’t pay attention to worries how you look like, what people think. Most probably you look just fine but even if you’re crawling on the floor babbling, it’s absolutely fine. People should have the highest tolerance to their friends on DMT.
13. Glossolalia
Don’t be afraid to scream, sing, moan, cry, it is actually good for you. Remember Terence McKenna and the wonderful Faberge eggs he created with his voice

14. Take your favorite pose

Don’t be afraid to crawl into fetus position or to sit in a lotus pose once you start feeling your body. Many people think they should not move on DMT. On the contrary! You might want to make circles with your waist or move your hands in spirals – feel free to do so. DMT is a huge Kundalini awakening you’re never ready for, so channeling the energy upwards will help you cope with it.
15. Enjoy this ride

Love the world when you come back! See it with new eyes and appreciate it because you’re here for a little while and there for eternity.

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